Accelerated Free Fall

The AFF skydiving course involves up to nine hours of comprehensive ground training before your first jump.
AFF Ground Course

AFF begins with a full day of ground training where you will learn all the technical theory and skills required to safely perform your AFF skydives. This includes how the gear works, freefall skills, steering and landing a parachute, as well as emergency procedures.

AFF Stage 1

On your first jump you will either be jumping tandem with one of our experienced instructors, or solo with two instructors holding onto you. They will teach you the basics of all aspects of a skydive. You will deploy and steer the parachute while communicating with your instructor to guide you in for a safe landing.

AFF Stage 2

Stage two teaches you forward movement and basic turns. Your two skydiving instructors will continue to hold you and fly with you until deployment. You will then steer your own parachute, communicating with an instructor on the ground until you are guided in safely for landing.

AFF Stage 3

Next, you learn how to maintain a heading during freefall and 'hover' in one place. When you're ready, one of your skydiving instructors will let you go and fly in front of you. The independence begins!

AFF Stage 4

Stage four will see you jumping out at up to 14,000 feet with just the one instructor. Once you have demonstrated your stability, your instructor will release their grip on you, coming around to fly in front of you.

AFF Stage 5

Now it is time to exit the plane without the instructor holding on to you, and learn how to turn your body 360 degrees. After practising 'docking' techniques, you will deploy your parachute at 5000 feet for an unassisted landing back at the drop zone.

AFF Stage 6

After a solo exit, this stage focuses on turns and forward movement. Your skills will be well and truly building by this point and your confidence will be gaining momentum.

AFF Stage 7

This is the stage everyone looks forward to! After exiting the plane, you will do a backflip or barrel roll to show you can regain stability. Initiate your turn and make a high-speed track away from your jumpmaster. Thrills aplenty!

AFF Stage 8

Stage eight will see you consolidating your solo skydive training with a dive exit followed by fall rate control to your instructor. You'll then do a 360 degree left and right turn followed by a track. If you don't know these terms yet, fear not! You very soon will.

AFF Stage 9

Stage 9 covers a Hop n Pop, a solo skydive at a lower level of height from 4,500 feet. 

AFF Graduation - Congratulations!


You have completed your Accelerated Freefall Training!

What's next?

It's time to extend your progression and find out about Certificates, Crests, Displays and career qualifications within the Australian Parachute Federation. 

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