Fiona McEachern Sport Development Fund

This form is no longer in use, please use the new SDF online form.

About Level 3 Funding

APF Members may apply for grants with no specified limit for skydiving events/projects with an identifiable NATIONAL BENEFIT to the skydiving community, good prospects of POSITIVE PUBLICITY and likely INTERNATIONAL INTEREST, while also supporting the APF’s safety objectives and strategic goals. These are the highest grants available via the Fiona McEachern Sport Development Fund and they are designed to support the elite level of our sport or the highest level of participation. 

In addition to the criteria listed for all FMSDF funding, the applicants must:
Provide proof of their State Council’s financial support for the event/project. 
Provide proof of efforts to secure funding from other sources, such as government grants, host DZ, and commercial sponsors. 
Detail a media plan for the event/project to maximize publicity.
Detail other appropriate plans for the event/project. (eg Safety plan, training seminars or workshops.) 

Applications must be received by the APF Office at least 7 weeks before a scheduled APF Board Meeting. (Find Board Meeting dates here). They will be assessed by the APF Funding Committee, which will make a recommendation to the APF Board. The APF Board will consider an allocation as a special item for budget consideration. 

Before you start with your application, we STRONGLY suggest: 

  • Have a really good look through the on-line application form below to be sure you have all the information that you need  to supply us.  
  • Prepare your budget information. Make sure you have your email, letter or State Council minutes ready to attach as proof that you have sought local funding before coming to the APF. 
  • Prepare your application as a word document first, then cut and paste in to the on-line submission. This way you have a back-up if there are any problems with lodging the on-line submission. 
  • Some of the fields – like the budget and supporting documents - only accept one attachment each. If you want to supply several documents, you will need to combine them to one file or email them separately to the Development Officer.
  • If you have any questions, or you encounter any problems, contact the Development Officer 


Level 3 Funding Application

Applicant Information

The applicant must be the individual or DZ taking financial responsibility for the event/project

Event Details

Provide a brief statement (< 200 words), summarising your event and how it will BENEFIT the Australian skydiving community.

Events/projects that satisfy this requirement include (but aren't limited to) those that:

  • Attract participants from other states
  • Identify and seek to to address national issues
  • Endeavour to set new national records
  • Improve training methods to encourage new national safety and performance standards

If this event has been funded by the APF previously, please provide a summary of milestones achieved (Hover over box for tips)

Eligibility Declaration

Summary & Supporting Information

Please mark which of the following objectives you believe your event would support and briefly describe how/why. (Point form is fine in this section)

Supporting comments relating to the objectives you selected above

Provide a brief statement (<200 words), summarising how your event is likely to attract International Interest

Events/projects that satisfy this requirement include (but are not limited to), those that:

  • Attract participants from overseas
  • Identify and seek to address international issues
  • Endeavour to set new national records which are recognised internationally
  • Improve training methods to encourage new international safety and performance standards
  • Attract positive publicity in International media or websites

How will you generate positive publicity from your event?

Applicants requesting Level 3 funding must generate positive publicity for their event. Please refer to the APF Media Manual and then outline your plan to generate mainstream media interest in the comments box below (You may attach a separate media plan)

Please indicate the sources of funding/income/support for your event

For Level 3 funding, it is essential that you have council support and council funding for your event. Proof of this support must be supplied to the APF office upon request
For Level 3 funding, substantial support from the host DZ is essential This includes any accommodation, meals or slots being covered by the host DZ

For Level 3 funding, you must try to gain support from commercial sponsors and government grants. Please list all efforts you have made and the responses received (The APF may contact you for proof of these efforts)
Will there be registration fees for participants? Also list any volunteer roles, prize donors, etc.

Budget Details

Please provide details of how intend to spend any funding that is granted. The more funding you ask for, the more detail will be required.

Level 3 applications must use the APF's event budget template and add your event information to the three worksheets it contains (expenses, income, profit-loss summary) as per the instructions provided. When you are done, upload your completed event budget below.


Briefly explain your "Plan B" should your event look as though it could face losses and outline ways you might cover any unexpected losses (Hover over the comments box for tips on how to answer this section)


Upload any supporting documents for your budget expenses, such as quotes for airfares, etc. Any supporting document in the form of a book (10 or more pages), can be emailed to separately

Declaration by the applicant/on behalf of the applicant

Is there any other relevant information you wish to add to your application

For your records, please print a copy before you press submit.

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