Career in Skydiving

By the time you have about 100 jumps you have probably decided what it is about skydiving that attracts you. This may change over the years (being able to follow new interests is one of the things that keeps people in skydiving) but for some jumpers the idea that you can work to gain different qualifications that may let you work as a professional skydiver/rigger is a real attraction.

Many jumpers start by earning qualifications that will let you pack a student's parachute (Packer "B"), or even reserve parachutes (Packer "A"), or fly with a camera/video to record student's jumps.


You can start a long career as a parachute instructor or tandem master by building up the qualifications you need and learning the depth of sport knowledge necessary. Remember, all those jumpers you see running around every week organising everything did a first jump once. Everybody started as a student.

If this attracts you, start by talking to the jumpers doing it at your DZ - you will find a lot of support. Talk to instructors and your Chief Instructor, these are the people who can help you most. They will probably warn you that it is a lot of work, but it is worth it.

Study as much available information as you can.

Sometimes it seems like there is a huge amount of effort to gain any rating but getting started is often the hardest part. Having a friend with similar ambition is the best way to approach this with the two of you helping each other and feeding off the other's enthusiasm.

If you have military or overseas qualifications then these may help you to gain Australian ratings.

The APF system of parachuting and instruction has developed over many years. We have a very good safety record that we work hard to maintain. When you are working to understand the way things are done, or you are coming from a different system, remember that once you have gained the qualifications you have some pretty awesome privileges.

Being able to teach someone to jump is a huge responsibility and the price of mistakes is high. But then so are the rewards :-)