Sport Development Programs

Sport Development Programs

Sport Development Programs

Beyond Certificate ACertificate-A-Magazine-title-page

CONGRATULATIONS! You've got your Certificate A and can jump solo, what's next?

There's so much to do in the sky - formation skydiving, freeflying, wingsuiting, canopy piloting, accuracy, speed skydiving, canopy formation - but it can be daunting to find out where to begin...

You might be looking to buy your first set of equipment, or want to know about competition skydiving. Do you want to pursue a career in the sport? Or just want to know what a star crest is?

There's so many questions to ask!

Well we've made an E-magazine to answer some of these questions. Remember this information should be followed up by speaking with an instructor, coach or mentor to help you in the direction you want to go.

Welcome to the world of skydiving and our fun-loving community!

Whatever area you want to pursue in the sport YOU can make it happen - ask questions and enjoy the journey!


B-Rel Buddy

This program has been developed by the APF after consultation with DZ operators, instructors and B-Rel candidates. The program is intended to support novice skydivers and to aid them in identifying coaches that are available in their area. B - Rel Buddies provide their skills to you for the cost of their slot only and will become your greatest mentor now and in to the future through out your skydiving experiences. B-Rel candidates are invited to go to the Register of Coaches to seek the right mentor for their current skydiving objectives. The APF advises that any person wishing to utilise the services of any coach or instructor found on the APF register of coaches, should apply their own due diligence before selecting a coach.

B - CONNECTED          B-Connected

Have you finished your student training and wondering what's next?  

Do you sit around the DZ waiting for a long time until an instructor is available to help you do your B-Rels?

Do you want to meet new people at the DZ, but too shy to introduce yourself?

If you answer yes to any of the above, then we have something for you!

We want to support your early progression in skydiving, and get you connected with other skydivers at a similar experience level to you.

The APF together with participating DZs and State Councils provide B-Rel camps that offer quality coaching to help you complete the B-Rel table. That's right - a weekend just for you so you can get those B-rels done and start playing in the sky with your new sky buddies!

Approved B-Rel camps are funded by your DZ, State Council, and the APF so come prepared to complete the table and start jumping with your mates! 

Keep an eye on the APF Calendar of Events to see when these camps are being run. 

If you are an event coordinator wanting to organise a B-Rel Camp, contact the Sport Development Manager for assistance.



SKYDIVING EVENTS                      Group_shot_Fly past

There are a range of skydiving events happening around the country to suit your needs:

  • Skills camps
  • Boogies
  • Record attempts
  • Competitions

Most skydiving events are coordinated by coaches, Drop Zones, State Parachute Councils or individuals. To find out what events are happening in your area or around the country go to calendar of events

If you can't find an event that suits your needs then contact your local State Coach who can help you coordinate an event at your home Drop Zone.