B-Rel Programs

B-Rel Buddy

This program has been developed by the APF after consultation with DZ operators, instructors and B-Rel candidates. The program is intended to support novice skydivers and to aid them in identifying coaches that are available in their area. B - Rel Buddies provide their skills to you for the cost of their slot only and will become your greatest mentor now and in to the future through out your skydiving experiences. B-Rel candidates are invited to go to the Register of Coaches to seek the right mentor for their current skydiving objectives. The APF advises that any person wishing to utilise the services of any coach or instructor found on the APF register of coaches, should apply their own due diligence before selecting a coach.

B - Rel Boost

One of the biggest hurdles to a skydiver in the early months, is the cost! To support your early progression in skydiving, the APF, together with participating DZs, will provide B - Rel Boost camps that offer the best coaches available to help you complete the B - Rel table. Keep an eye on the APF Calendar of Events to see when these camps are being run. Approved B - Rel Boost camps can be funded, so come prepared to complete the table!