Nationals Bid Document

Nationals Bid Document. To be received by the APF Office by C.O.B (AEST) 8th February. This bid is for the 2020 Nationals.


The APF is now inviting bids to host the 2020 Australian National Parachuting Championships. 


1.0 The completed application must be completed and returned to the National Office by no later than close of business, February 8th, 2019 to guarantee consideration for 2020. Bids received after this time may be considered at the Board’s discretion.

2.0 An application must contain all of the information requested.

3.0 An application must be submitted and accompanied by a $500 application fee, due for EACH bid. If bids are combined, only 1 application fee is required (see Sporting Code 1.2.1)

4.0 If the application fee is not received within 7 days of submission of the application, the bidding process will reopen.

5.0 The application fee will become a bond from the organisers, to ensure that all conditions are met. A further $1500 may be requested. 

Event Details
Which events will you be running?* - required
Bid Details
Proposed Personel
Fees (Registration)
Event Charges
Proposed Aircraft Details
Training Camp and Practice Jumps
Will there be coaching available?
Associated Fun Jumping/Commercial Operations
Will there be any fun jumping or an associated Boogie?
Do you expect that you will run any tandem or student operations during the Nationals?
Facilities (Provide a brief description for each)
Do you have NBN?* - required
What is your Internet upload speed* - required
Do have indoor/shaded competitor creeper areas?* - required
Do you have onsite rigging available?* - required
Do you have shaded packing areas?* - required
Do you have an appropriate PA system* - required
Judging Facilities/Equipment
Do have dedicated internet for the Judges room* - required
Will you supply transport for Judges? (This is not a requirement)* - required
Can you supply TVs for judges?* - required
How many?* - required
Do you have adequate windsocks at your DZ?* - required
Can you supply adequate tables/chairs/fridges/Coffee making facilities for the judges rooms?
Do you have the wall space within the competitors area to provide for status updates?* - required
Media, Entertainment, Other
Do you have a media liaison?* - required
How many toilets/showers do you have on site?* - required
Do you have on site camping?* - required
Do you have on - site caravans available to rent?* - required
Do you have bunk house accommodation?* - required
Do you have power to the camping/van/cabin facilities?* - required
Do you have staff/volunteer cleaners?* - required
APF Asisstance
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