Technical Directives

Technical Directives

APF Technical Directives

Technical Directives means a document issued by the APF to provide technical safety information in any operational areas of parachuting.


  • APF TD 01/2020 Issued 18/03/2020 Allow the phasing in of Op Reg 7.1.1(b)&(c) - Verification of main/container compatibility and DZ level sport equipment checks.
  • APF TD 02/2020 Issued 28/04/2020 APF Cloud Jumping Procedure Manual (CJPM) Appointed Persons.
  • APF TD 03/2020 Issued 15/09/2020 Verification of Compatibility of CRW Equipment by a CRW Coach.
  • APF TD 04/2020 Issued 15/09/2020 12 Month Reserve Cycle for all Certified Jumpers.
  • APF TD 05/2020 Issued 15/09/2020 Mandatory Secondary Seat Stops for Cessna's.


  • APF TD 01/2011 Issued 28/03/2011 Continued use of the Aviacom Argus AAD in parachuting equipment used by APF members.


  • APF TD02/2010 Issued 21st May 2010 Atom Containers - Sticky Pack Fabric