APF Special Project Funding

Discretionary Funding

APF Special Project Funding

From time to time, as budgetary conditions allow, the APF Board may consider funding for member proposals with an *IDENTIFIABLE BENEFIT to the Federation, subject to the following:


  • The funding proposer MUST be in good standing with the Federation and owe no debt to the Federation.

  • The funding proposal MUST establish an *IDENTIFIABLE BENEFIT to the Federation. 

  • The funding proposal MUST support the APF’s Strategic Objectives.

  • The funding proposal MUST include a clear contribution from the proposer. (NOTE: The proposer would preferably match the APF dollar for dollar in financial investment, or the proposer would establish a measurable investment of time and expertise that would preferably equal a dollar for dollar contribution.)

  • The funding proposal MUST be brief (less than 2 pages), succinct and strictly relevant. (Proposals which contain irrelevant, lengthy pitches will be rejected and not shown to the board.)

  • The funding proposal MUST NOT relate to an initiative or project that would normally be eligible for other sources of APF funding, such as the Fiona McEachern Sport Development Fund or other APF funding/rebate programs. (NOTE: This is a separate source of funding for separate projects. It is not a way of side-stepping the procedures for existing funds and programs.)

  • The funding proposal MUST NOT relate to a normal DZ activity or a normal commercial expense in the everyday business of running the drop zone.

  • The funding IS NOT INTENDED for commercial start-up ventures.

  • The funding proposal MAY relate to infrastructure or equipment.

  • The funding proposal MAY include a loan component being sought from the APF.

  • The funding MAY be allocated with strict conditions.

  • Recipients must undertake to report back to the APF on progress of their proposal as required, and must agree to return funds if the APF Board requests.

*An IDENTIFIABLE BENEFIT means that the applicant MUST clearly demonstrate:

  • How the proposal benefits the APF,

  • Which strategic objectives would be assisted, and

  • What timeline / measurable achievements are expected.  


*Applications for Special Project Funding are restricted to one grant only in each 5-year period - Unless there are exceptional circumstances, the APF Funding Committee and APF Board will not consider fresh applications for this type of funding if the applicant has already received such funding in the previous 5-year period.


The types of things that WOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED for funding would include:

  • Scheduled gear replacement for an existing business

  • New equipment or infrastructure for a simple business expansion program

  • New equipment or infrastructure for a commercial start up

The types of things that MAY BE CONSIDERED for funding would include:

  • Infrastructure, equipment or initiatives that benefit APF National and International Events

  • Infrastructure, equipment or initiatives that benefit the Federation in terms of governance, promotion, history, etc. (i.e. things that are not “sport” oriented.) 

  • Infrastructure, equipment or initiatives that demonstrably and substantially improve a club’s number of students progressing through full training (A certificate) courses

  • Any other appropriate initiative which is not ineligible through the guidelines listed above.    


The Funding Committee will examine proposals and make recommendations to the APF Board on a case by case basis, taking into account the budgetary limitations and the APF Strategic Objectives.

The APF Board will assess the applications and make decisions as they arise.

Send your applications (no longer than two pages), addressing the above criteria and guidelines to: apf@apf.com.au