ASAO Register of Key Personnel

In accordance with the requirements of CASR Part 149 Approved Self Administration Organisations (ASAO) the APF maintains an online register of those appointed as Key Personnel and those persons who will substitute when the incumbent is absent or cannot carry out the duties of the position. Refer to APF Exposition for particulars of the Duties and Responsibilities of each Key Personnel under CASR Part 149 for an ASAO.

ASAO Register of Key Personnel
Title Name Appointed Retired Substitute when appointee absent
Accountable Manager (CEO)
RICHARD McCOOEY 20/01/2014
Safety Manager (SM)
DAVE SMITH 26/11/2019
Deputy Chairman of the Board
Safety & Training Manager (STM)
CHARL ROOTMAN 01/04/2019
A STO appointed by CEO
National Aviation Officer (NAO)
MARK EDWARDS 17/03/2015
Aviation Committee Member appointed by CEO
National Rigging Officer (NRO)
TRISH VOGELS 28/02/2018
Rigging Committee Member appointed by CEO