Dave Smith

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  • Pilot
  • Rigger (lapsed)


51 years in skydiving.

Vision for the Future

To see APF be the first sport aviation body approved under CASR Part 149 as a CASA-Approved Self-Administering Organisation. The APF Part 149 Exposition is well advanced and should be assessed by CASA and hopefully approved later in 2018 or early 2019CY.

Through the Governance Committee, see the APF finalising its transition to a best-practice Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) by moving to have members (instead of Club Delegates only) vote on appointments to the Board. And to see people elected to the Board based on what knowledge and skills they bring - and the aspirations they have - for the APF. At the same time retain people with the corporate knowledge and experience which has seen the APF achieve a turnover of $5M annually and, have its financial reserves held at arm’s-length in discretionary trusts.

To see the APF direct its resources towards delivering ‘membership services’ and ‘retaining members’ for those who undertake skydiving as a prospective sport and recreational pastime. To leave the marketing for first-jump-by-tandem to the commercial operators and ‘incentivise’ those DZ Operations who encourage skills development, host competitions, and actively promote recreational skydiving.