Skydiving Links

These are just a few of the sites devoted to skydiving and parachuting on the internet, there are 100s more. Use Yahoo or Google or similar search engine with any word associated to the sport.


The FAI (the international aviation sports organisation)

The IPC (the part of the FAI concerned with parachuting)

International Skydiving Organisations

The PIA (Parachute Industry Association)

ASAC (Australian Sport Aviation Confederation)

Australian Sports Foundation

Parachutists over Phorty Society - Australia


Australian suppliers of parachutes parts and services

Para Gear - Skydiving Equipment dealership (USA based)

Square 1 - Skydiving Equipment dealership (USA based)

Publications (Australian Skydiver Magazine)

PARACHUTIST on line - Official Publication of the USPA

SKYDIVE The Mag - The British Parachute Association Magazine

Para Publishing - Skydiving books Dan Poynter's Parachutes & Skydiving

Blue Skies Magazine - independent on-line magazine

CASA Flight Safety Magazine On-line catalogue

Aussie Bigways 

Skydive Radio - Skydive Radio is an internet radio show dedicated to the sport of skydiving.  Weekly episodes include commentary, feature interviews with industry insiders, listener-contributed photos, and e-mails from an audience that spans the globe.

Skydive Radio's Safety First Episodes

iSkydive On-line Log book service

Omniskore's Site - IPC Formations and Competition Results

50 Years of South Australian Skydiving

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)

The Enclave: A Complete Skydiving Index and Free Skydiving Classified

A Short History of Canopy Formations The Jump Pilot's resource (U.S. site)

DiveMaker This site help you with the technical side of things ie wingloading, judging etc.

Jump Ticket Prices Want to jump abroad, but don't how much it will cost? Got prices in local currency but want to compare to your own? Try out this site. The cost of skydiving around the world in your currency.

Forums and Email Groups


Avweb - aviation news

The following sites are administered by the State Councils, please contact the State Council for more information.

NSW Parachute Council

North Queensland Parachute Council

Northern Territory Events

SA Sport Parachute Club

South Queensland Parachute Council

Victorian Tasmanian Parachute Council

WA Parachute Council