Mentee Questionnaire

Mentee Questionnaire

Mentee Questionnaire and Agreement

Mentee Questionnaire and Agreement

To help us find you a mentor that is a suitable match for you and your needs, please tell us a bit about yourself:

My preference for a Mentor is* - required

I want to be a mentee because (choose as many as apply to you):

Thank you for your honesty! Please note that your personal information will remain confidential with the APF and the mentors in the WIAS program.

By submitting this form to the APF, you agree to:

  1. Sharing of the information you have provided above with volunteer mentors for the purposes of finding a match

  2. Accept a relationship with the mentor that has been selected for you, for at least a 6 month period (with option to renew for a further 6 months)

  3. Wholeheartedly participate in the WIAS mentoring program or let us know as soon as possible if you are not able to continue

  4. Provide feedback to the APF when requested (quarterly and on completion)

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