Canopy Coaching with Colmer

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Ramblers Parachute Centre

7353 Brisbane Valley Highway Toogoolawah QLD, QLD, Australia


12-13 Feb 2022


8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Canopy Coaching with Colmer

Hi all, Simon Colmer here from Melbourne. Thanks to Adrian and Ben, I am clear to run a canopy course for you Toogs legends. I'm a current Aussie Canopy Piloting team member and canopy coach since 2019. I've been freefly coaching around Australia for quite a while now and keen to help out in other ways. Now that the borders have more certainty, I'm keen to get back on the road. Dan and Annastacia can't hold me back!

All levels of experience (A License and above) are welcome for this event including new/experienced swoopers.
I want to help you with all things canopy, from deployment until touch-down.

The days are broken into a mixture of theory and practical exercises over a 2 day course.
Expect to get in around 5 jumps per day, weather permitting.
We will discuss topics such as:
-How to fly a pattern safely and consistently
-Learning what your canopy inputs do
-Spotting problems before they occur
-Bringing consistency to your landings
All jumps will be filmed and individually debriefed to give that personal feel.

Sadly, I cannot accommodate participants on dropzone rented student gear unless you are cleared with the dropzone to pack the rig yourself.
Additionally if you're coming back from a period of uncurrency do check with me and your CI before registering.
10 Slots available each day and I ask that you only register if you can commit to the whole 2 days.

Reservation cost is $55 (inc gst) per day so $110 total, paying on EventBrite will secure your slot.
Refunds are provided on a case by case basis.

Tickets go on sale 8:30pm January 11th 2022

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me in the first instance.


Simon Colmer


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