Equipment Safety seminar- “Skydiving gear- avoiding and solving problems”

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Skydive Melbourne

St Kilda, VIC , VIC, Australia


9 Feb 2022


6:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Equipment Safety seminar- “Skydiving gear- avoiding and solving problems”

Facilitating the Seminar is Kras Bankov, GLH Systems- APF Rigger, Rigger Examiner, FAA Master Rigger all types, Tandem instructor, AFF instructor, Freefall photographer.

Safe equipment and executing correct decisions are paramount in skydiving! This suggests that you must know the equipment and what to do with it when you need to solve problems!

But how? There are so many different manufacturers, containers, reserves, main parachutes, AAD’s, and so many different situations! How can we find the correct equipment and making the right decisions using it?

Well, there are important concepts that are always valid, regardless of who makes the gear or what someone is telling you about it! Knowing these concepts can give you the foundations on how to deal with gear, malfunctions, and emergency procedures!

Parachute equipment works as a mechanical system. Nothing new, right? Well, then are you clear on all accidents that have happened, why did they happen and what caused them? If you don’t know the answers to these questions- you have holes in your knowledge and you rely on luck too much! And you shouldn’t! More than 80% of the fatalities result from human errors!

And NO, we are not going to just throw facts at you and expect you to find your way! Factual learning is not learning! Why? Simply because knowing some facts, doesn’t mean you know what to do with them or about them!

This seminar will give you important guidelines on how to avoid and solve problems in skydiving!


For further details contact - Kras Bankov  Phone – 0435954000,



42 B Marine Parade, St Kilda East

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