Packer A Course

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GLH Systems Loft

28 First avenue, Moorabbin Airport. Mentone VIC. 3196, VIC, Australia


22-28 Nov 2021


8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Packer A Course



The course is designed with the last requirements and knowledge available for Parachute equipment and Riggers in mind. You will learn to deal with common issues on equipment on the field or in a Rigging loft, new techniques for care and packing reserves in today’s complicated environment and more.

An APF Packer A rating will be issued to the successful candidate.

Reserve pack jobs on this course can be used for acquiring FAA Senior Rigger Rating! Additional training for FAA Senior rigger can be provided for further 3 days of training and extra cost.

Course Facilitator

Kras Bankov, GLH Systems- APF Rigger, Rigger examiner, FAA Master Rigger all types.

Phone - 0435 954 000

Email -


Tools are supplied during the course; however, we recommend anyone to use their personal ones. This also are the tools needed for Packing reserve parachutes!

Here’s a list of what you’d need for your career and the course:

Packing paddlesx2

Packing weghts x3

Line sparatorx1

Cypres kit x1

Seal thread x1

T Bodkin handles x2

Reserve log cards x1 book

tension tool x1

Beeswax thread x1

Gun cleaning rod x1

Parachute technitian Logbook x1

Line protector /velkro/ x1

Fingertraping tool x1

Nailpolish red 😀x1



All tests will be done at the end of the course, Saturday. Proper application to APF is necessary to be completed before the test date. Message us for details!

The additional training for FAA Senior rigger training includes 10 more reserve pack jobs and theory.


You need to be a current jumper and be able to pack a square main parachute, well.




A deposit of $250 is required.

Along with your name, address, phone number and E-mail address.

Only 5 slots available.


APF Equipment page

Poynter’s Parachute Manuals Vol. I & II

FAI handbooks and manuals


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