Solo Freefall (SFF)

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What is SOLO FREEFALL and Instructor Assisted DEPLOYMENT? (SFF or IAD)

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Learning through the AFF program may take you straight to the top but, Solo Freefall (SFF) or Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD), does have some great benefits. Although you start jumping from a lower height to begin with, you get to concentrate on your parachuting skills first and work your way up to freefall.

Your first five stages of this course will have your parachute opened for you, either by an instructor or from a line attached to the plane. Each jump has you learning a new skill, from flying in a stable freefall position, to doing 360⁰ turns, Figure 8 moves, Back Flips and more!

Whether you want to do any AFF course or Solo jump course, no matter what, when you complete all the stages of the training table and can pack your own parachute – you will become a skydiver with a Certificate A.

So, blue skies and have a heap of fun.

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