91. Reported stolen Easter 2019.

Container - Infinity DoM approx. 2015. Green and Gold. 
Main canopy - Hurricane 135 Australian Flag design. DoM approx. 2015
Reserve canopy - Airforce 140 (Packing card should be enclosed - last serviced 6 months)

Serial numbers unknown.
Reported stolen from vehicle over Easter in suburb of Kwinana, West Australia. Theft is subject to police investigation.
Contact Ian Wilkinson on 0428 141 363.


90. Reported stolen July 2017.
Rig 1. Container - Javelin #31234 DoM Jan 2007. Blue and green. 
Main canopy - Crossfire2 122 #9523 DoM 12/2006. Blue & Green.
Reserve canopy - PD 113R #038573. DoM 09/2006.

Rig 2. Container - Javelin #37672 DoM Sept 2011. Black with purple pop top & stripes.
Main canopy - Safire2 190 #21334 DoM 8/2011. Purple and teal stripes.
Reserve canopy - PD OPtimum 176. #005142 DoM July 2011.
AAD - CYPRES #69403 DoM July 2011.

Miscellaneous. 2 x rig bags. Altis Protracks. Optima Dytters. Cameras, helmets, jumpsuits, log books. 

Reported stolen July 2017 from house break-in Toogoolawah Qld sometime in preceding 2 months. Theft is subject to police investigation.
Contact Karen McEvoy on 0419 652 333.

 Rig 1 Crossfire2  Rig 2 Safire2


89. Vigil 2 AAD Serial Number: #36723
The AAD was on a year hire to be paid monthly and there have been no payments for months and no response from hirer.
The unit was installed in a container that was owned by the son of the hirer, last reported to be back in Victoria from NZ.
As the hirer has stopped communication, this is now a civil court matter.
Should anyone come across this Vigil ADD, please contact Kenton McLeod, http://www.skysports.com.au



88. Reported 20 October 2013. Sabre2 135 lost after cutaway at Skydive Australia Bridgewater DZ, Vic on the 19th Oct. May have landed in or nearby Loddon River. Suspected it was picked up by waterskiers. If anything heard relating to this canopy, notify Cecilie Alletorp on 0432744100 or cecilie_alletorp@hotmail.com or the police directly.




87. Reported July 2013. Javelin Container (Red harness, black/white container). The rig was used to secure a $ loan which has been defaulted. The loanee has refused to hand over the rig and this is now a civil court matter. Any one approached by an Australian Skydiver to buy equipment, should be aware that this equipment may not be legally owned by them.
Container: Javelin Odyssey serial # RSK-131936 DOM 08/2007
Reserve: Parachutes Australia AF120392 DOM 1/3/95
Main Canopy: Cross fire 2 119, SN 80156 (the container may be attempted to sell with a different Canopy)
Contact Mark Gazley, CI of Skydive the Coast, Sth Aust. 0438 148 490 markgazley@bigpond.com  

86. Stolen July 2013 (BASE gear)
1. Apex D.P Parachuting container in black stash bag. Black & Grey in colour with "Apex DP" on container. Serial Number being 5006142.
2. Parachute 'Flik-254' (stored in above container), serial number 2024/R22.
Stolen from the Kinglake area in Victoria. 
Contact Shane Sparkes on 0408 403 521
85. Reported stolen 09/06/2013Liam Cunningham 2LiamCunningham1
Container Wings -  Black, Blue and Grey. Main PD Saber1 190s/ft Green and Grey. Reserve Tempo 210s/ft white
Misc: Spare PD Silhouette 210s/ft main canopy, blue, grey & black. Blue Altimaster altimeter. Black commando skydiving gloves
CYPRES 2. Logbook. Suunto vector watch. Blue neck warmer. Adidas free-runner shoes. Cookie Ozone carbon fibre helmet. Pro-track audible altimeter
Freefly jumpsuit, white, blue, black
Lost/stolen between Marong and the Calder freeway in Victoria, 9th June 2013
Contact Liam: liam.cunningham@ravinrecords.com (reward)  


 84. Reported Stolen 12/10/2012.
Container Javelin J4 – DOM 1993 – Serial 3953
Main Spectre 190 – DOM 06/2001 – Serial 004827
Reserve Raven II – DOM 01/1993 – Serial 02220265
CYPRES 2 AAD – DOM 06/2005 – Serial 17096
Misc: High Sierra bag, Cookie Grey G3 helmet,
Altimaster N3 black Red analog Galaxy altimeter.
Stolen from a car Emu Plains, NSW 2750 on October 12th 2012.
Contact Gordon 0411 733 726 or greyburn@gmail.com 

83. Reported Stolen 09/07/2012
Container - Javelin J1 Blue and Purple.
Main - Safire 2 169 All blue 300 jumps.
Reserve -  PD143 Reserve.
AAD - Brand New CYPRES 2 DOM 12/11.
Altimeter - Red Altimaster 3 glow display engraved with name of prev owner.
Stolen from Car in Adelaide, Sth Australia between July 1 and 8 2012.
Contact Zev Freeman 0403 761 698 or zev@zevelec.com.au 


82. Reported 22/12/2011
Container - Talon FS S/N 10750 Black and grey. DoM 2004
Main - Safire2 159 S/N 901079144 Black and grey. DoM 2004
Reserve - Airforce 180 S/N 1539 Blue DoM 2004
AAD - CYPRES S/N 04853
Contact Laura Barrow 0422 600 669 or laurarbarrow@yahoo.com.au 



81. Reported 04/10/2010
Paratec RAGE 107sqft Color- Orange with cell 7 grey and cell 8 black. Javelin D-bag and black pilot chute with purple soft hacky Black Wings risers, with a modification on the toggles- both have a straight pin locking the toggle down to the riser.

Contact Simon Guthrie on 0407 899 074

80. Reported 12/03/2009

PA Slimpack 2 Pilots Rig. Red with gold trim and gold harness. BLTS embroidery in Gold on shoulder. Aerolite Canopy. Sheepskin (black) comfort cover.

Contact Steve on releze@bigpond.com or 0405 150 069