Latest Regulations

April 2016 - Operational Regulations, Regulatory Schedules and Training Operations Manual


Download the new 2016 regulations and TOM from the Publications page or here:

 In summary, the more significant changes to these 3 documents include:

  • Changes to Freefly progression/Crests – splitting Head-Up and Head-Down.
  • Introduce Instructor-Assisted Deployment (IAD). IAD and Static-Line Deployment now part of a Solo Freefall (SFF) Training Table, the alternative student training to AFF and Tandem.
  • Restructuring of APF safety and training positions:
    • The Safety & Training Manager (STM) assumes the responsibilities and privileges of the previous positions of the National Training Officer (NTO) and National Safety Officer (NSO) which no longer exist;
    • New Safety and Training Officer (STO) position assumes the responsibilities and privileges of the previous positions of the ASO, AIE and DRE which no longer exist.
  • New CASA Instrument 06/16 replaces 09/15.
  • The APF’s Code of Ethics has been updated.
  • Definitions added to the OpRegs document.
  • TOM updates consistent with OR, RS and 2015 Constitutional changes (titles and cross-references) including raised “open heights”.
  • TOM content has also been reordered into a more logical progression, and includes some CI-Coach content (removed from the Coach Manual) and an additional “Modified Student Training Table”.
  • TOM has 3 new or amended summary tables which:
    • compare progression between Student training syllabuses;
    • show the type of flatfly RW jumps permitted for each level of experience/qualification;
    • show the types of Freefly permitted for each level of experience/qualification.

These new regulations are binding on all members of the APF and apply to parachuting activities conducted or undertaken under the auspices of the APF. 

The TOM is the industry standard and is binding on all Chief Instructors and their Training Organisations.