Recent APF Equipment Standards

2021 July 26th APF Equipment Standard 260721-A APF Design Standard for Flag Assemblies

2020 October 6th APF Equipment Standard 081014-G Standard for Emergency Personnel Parachutes

2019 June 14th APF Equipment Standard 14062019-E Compatibility of Components of Parachute Assemblies

2019 February 12th APF Equipment Standard 071206-K. Personal Flotation Device 

2018 July 12th APF Equipment Standard 060307-G Parachutist Single Point Restraint [Installation instructions (Ver 3) for P/N G025] 

2018 April 27th APF Equipment Standard 021201-C  Parachute Equipment Brought into Australia which has been Packed Overseas

2018 April 11th APF Equipment Standard 010901-C Equipment Owned by Visiting Foreign Jumpers 


Please note- APF RAC's have now been repealed and archived. They can be found in the Equipment and Service Bulletin Library.

Recent Manufacturer Service Bulletins

2022 May 31st EASA Certification Information Revocation of authorisation of emergency parachute Flexpack P512

2021 April 27th Strong Enterprises Service Bulletin SB 35 Tandem Drogue Bridle 3-Ring Attachment Inspection

2021 May 7th Airworthiness Directive UPT Vector 3 SE Parachute Containers

2019 March 30th Firebird Product Service Bulletin 2019-01 Reserve pin ripcord assemblies on Firebird EVO Harness 

2019 March 1st MarS Service Bulletin 01/03/2019 Extending the Lifetime of Sporting Parachute Parts to 20 Years  

2019 February 4th Shadow Dog Parachute Riggers Product Advisory 04/02/2019 Rev B SDPR Sigma Type Drogue

2018 December 12th Downward Trend Product Advisory Epic Drogue Kill-Line Calibration

2018 October 23rd Vigil Product Service Bulletin 02/2018 Mandatory Inspection Vigil 2 SN 16000 to 21999 (selected serial numbers) 

2018 October 10th Sunrise Manufacturing International, Inc. SB #081018 RSL with Reserve Boost MARD  

2018 July 19th Parachute Systems PSB 2018-01 D-Bag with removable bridle on Vortex Harness containers manufactured 2nd quarter 2018

2018 May 8th Parachutes Australia SB9502 Rev. 3 Service Life for Parachutes Australia Brand Equipment

2018 April 19th Advanced Aerospace Designs (AAD) PSB 01/2018 Vigil AAD Firmware Update & High Altitude Jumps

2018 April 10th UPDATE to Advanced Aerospace Designs Product Advisory ADV-01-2018 Battery Replacement Vigil 1 AADs


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