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 Speed Skydiving Jessica Johnston 2 Speed Skydiving Jessica Johnston

My name is Jessica Johnston. I have been travelling around Australia working, competing and have been highly involved in the skydiving industry for 7 years now with over 1200+ solo skydives. I started skydiving at Skydive Ramblers west of Brisbane. I'm super grateful for the amazing journey I am on. We come for the skydives, stay for the skydivers! My goal for 2022 is to make the Australian Parachute Team for 2022, and get a medal and an average of over 440km/h at the World Skydiving Championships in the USA in October 2022. Another goal is to work towards my freefly coach rating.

  • Started Skydiving: January 2015
  • Total Skydives: 1200+
  • Competition Highlights:
    • Silver Female Speed Skydiving Australian and New Zealand Skydiving Championships 2020
    • 2019 Australian and Oceanic Female Speed Record 400.38 km per hour
    • Bronze 2019 FAI World Cup of Speed Skydiving at skydive Buzz, Dunkeswell, UK
    • Gold Female Speed Skydiving Australian and New Zealand Skydiving Championships 2019
    • Gold 4-way Formation Skydiving, team 'G4', WA State Skydiving Championships 2018
  • Records:
    • Set the FAI World Record for Female Speed Skydiving 375.12 km per hour
    • Australian and Oceanic Record for Female Speed Skydiving 400.38 km per hour
  • Australian Parachute Federation Qualifications:
    • Master Rigger rating
    • Packer A (reserve parachute - 300+ packs)
    • Packer B (main parachute 15,000+ packs)
    • Skydiving Certificate F
    • Certificate B Coach
    • Display Pro
    • Star Crest
    • Freefly Crest Head Up + Head Down
  • Achievements:
    • 2018 McMillan Medal, Kapow Kup Canopy Piloting Competition, VIC, Australia
    • 2018 Australian Performance Largest Female Star Formation 12-way QLD
    • 2019 Australian Parachute Team
    • 2020 Personal best 421.26 km per hour
    • 2020 Australian Parachute Team
    • 2021 Personal best 423.18km per hour
  • Sponsors:
    • Para Life Industries
    • Australian Parachute Federation
    • Cookie Helmets
    • Juiceplus
    • Flysight
    • LB Altimeters
    • Kathmandu