Victorian/Tasmanian PARACHUTE COUNCIL

To administer and regulate parachuting on behalf of the APF.
To promote activities to attract and retain participants.
To provide an environment that encourages continued participation
To organise events for participants to engage in group activities.
To support participants to improve their skills.
To conduct competitions to help participants to achieve their athletic goals to gain greater fulfillment in life.
To assist our elite to perform at world class standards. 

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V-TPC State Skydiving Championships Registration

V-TPC State Skydiving Championships Registration

Welcome to the V-TPC State Championships Registration Form. The State Championships will be run at Nagambie, 10th - 11th November.

Registration is free, free ground coaching, free T-shirt (if registered by 20th October).

There will be medals up for grabs and a heap of awesome prizes. 

Personal Details
Gender* - required
APF Certificate Held* - required
T-Shirt Size
Team/Discipline Details
In Case of Emergency
Payment Information
Commando Skydivers requires payment for all jumps prior to the commencement of competition. 
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