You need a minimum of 500 jumps before you can do your course to become a tandem instructor. There are plenty of other roles you can do on the drop zone while you gain the experience you need.


To teach others how to skydive solo you need a minimum of 200 jumps before you can do your course. AFF instructors are essential for the progression of our sport.


Each discipline in skydiving has experienced flyers coaching others. Coaches are essential to the community so that others can progress. Freeflying, Wingsuiting, Canopy Piloting, Canopy Formation, Formation Skydiving - they all have specialised coaches.


You need a minimum of 100 jumps to be able to fly with a camera in Australia. Photographers are essential in the skydiving community. They show the rest of the world the beauty of our sport. Most skydiving events have photographers. At any competition - every skydiving team has a videographer filming their routine. They are also essential for teams in training - so that the teams have video footage in order to de-brief their jumps and improve. When skydiving records are being attempted, they too of course rely on photographers & videographers. Most drop zones also offer the option of a dedicated outside camera flyer to tandem skydivers.


Display organisers put on public skydiving displays. Often, they fly large flags down to the landing area, and some also work with aerial pyrotechnics to put on a show! Rod Benson is Australia’s leading display organiser & has made a lifetime career out of this. More details about some of the displays he has put on at


There are no minimum jumps required to work towards becoming a parachute packer! Every drop zone needs a packer. They pack tandem & student equipment, and some skydivers also opt to pay a packer to pack their gear for them.


Riggers are qualified in fixing skydiving equipment & packing reserve parachutes. There are high standards that all skydiving equipment must meet. Riggers make sure they meet these standards and carry out any necessary repairs.


Manifest staff work on the front desk of skydiving operations - checking people in, taking payments, and ensuring the smooth running of the day by manifesting people onto the correct aircraft load. They also sometimes edit videos for tandem skydivers - at busier operations, this is a job in itself. There are no minimum jump requirements to work in this role.


Ground control assistants are responsible for liaising with the pilot (via radio communication) prior to every drop, ensuring clear air space & verifying weather conditions on the ground before skydivers exit the aircraft. There are no minimum jump requirements to work in this role.