The Mentor Program aims to provide support and opportunities to all members and to encourage participation and retention.

Support available for APF sports jumpers

This infographic summarises the resources available to sports jumpers in Australia, to help them connect with the community and pursue their goals.  This resource will be useful for Mentors and Mentees as well as anyone joining the sports jumping community, to get a sense of the support that is out there and how to access it.

Australian Sports Commission (ASC)- Making Mentors

This is a guide produced by the ASC to help sporting clubs/organisations/individuals establish a successful Mentoring Program. There are many tips and guides to follow; this is a useful resource to those who are contemplating becoming a Mentor. By Rebecca Layton.

Mentoring: Similarities and Differences

There are many professional relationships in the learning, achieving and journey of the sport. The most commonly known are mentors, coaches and instructors. Even though there are many similarities, there are also some subtle but important differences to understand. This table will help you differentiate between each institution.

Skysisters Facebook Group

SKYSISTERS is about encouraging, supporting, motivating and challenging experienced, up-and-coming, and new female skydivers through skills camps, record attempts, conventions, education and communication.

Women and Girls Principles and Checklist for Sport and Recreation Organisations

A comprehensive resource that provides information regarding programs and funding opportunities.