Records Register

Below are the current records as they stand from June 2021. An archive of all previous records is maintained at the APF Office.

Current/Standing Records

The APF maintains a register of parachuting records. Three major categories apply:

  • Competition Records
  • Performance Records
  • Notable Events which fall outside these categories

Competition Records

Accuracy (Classic) (2cm Disc)

Individual men - Tibor Glesk, 2010 Australian National Championships, 1 - 4 May 2010, Bullcock Beach, Caloundra, QLD, 12cm (10 rounds)

Individual women - Janine Hayes, 2012 Australian National Championships, 6-9 April 2012, Ramblers Parachute Centre, Toogoolawah, Qld. 30cm (10 rounds)

Freefall Style

Men - Tibor Glesk, Mar 1999 Australian National Championships, Cessnock NSW, 7.31 secs

Women - Jonny Goss, 1986/87 Australian National Championships, Toogoolawah QLD,7.70 secs

Formation Skydiving

FS 4 Way Female "Boomerang Betty" 2018. 23rd FAI World Formation Skydiving Championships, Gold Coast Australia, 32 points,12.10.2018.Team members: Ann-Marie Jarzebowski, Kate Vaughan, Melissa Harvie, Nerissa (Riss) Anderson, Dan Rossi (v)

FS 4 Way Open "Rotor Out" 2018. 23rd FAI World Formation Skydiving Championships, Gold Coast Australia, 32 points, 12.10.2018. Team members: Craig Vaughan, Steven Smith, George Attard, Tanya Cale, Patrick Nygren (v)

FS 4 Way Intermediate "Impulse" 2015. Australian National Championships, 25 points, 06.01.2015. Team members: Alan Deadman, Asher Jones, Dale Findlay, Grant Christie, Luke Oliver (v)

FS 4 Way Intermediate "Pullout" 2015. Australian National Championships, 25 points, 06.01.2015. Team members: Natasha Dingle, Gary Nemirovsky, Travis Wood, Mariska Folley, Ben Nordkamp (v)

(NOTE: The two 4-Way Intermediate records above were completed in the same round)

FS 4 Way AA "Halcyon", 2021 Virtual Australian National Championships, Nagambie, VIC, 19 points. Team members: Benjamin Allen, James Boyle, Cameron Davey, Adam Davis, Shannon Straubinger (v)

FS 4 Way A "Bin Chickens", 2019 Australian National Championships, Moruya, NSW, 21 points. Team members: Melissa Harvie, Kristina Hicks, Kerry Hook, Archie Jamieson (v), Martin Klapper

FS 4 Way Blast! "Gastronauts", 2017 Australian National Championships, York, WA, 19 points. Team members: Tracey Basman, Matt Gibson, Josh Leussink, David Loncasty (v), Mark Wilkinson

FS 8 Way Open, “JYR8”, 2018. 23rd FAI World Formation Skydiving Championships, Gold Coast Australia, 21 points. Team members: Robert Thompson, Andrew Barker, Russell Blackman, Simon Di Sciascio, Gary Nemirovsky, Michael Strickland, Ann-Marie Jarzebowski, Tanya Cale, Peter Anderson (v)

FS 8 Way Intermediate, “Stray Cats”, 2007 Australian National Championships, Picton, NSW, 15 points. Team members: Dave Loncasty, Nicole Hannan, Naomi Scott, Glenn Hoyes, Glen Wilson, Tracey Basman, Andrew Gellatly, Darren Pearson, Scott Neander (vid)

FS 16 Way “It’ll Happen”, 1998. 1st 16-way World Cup, Ampuriabrava, Spain, 1 October 1998, 16 points (World Record at the time). Team members: Tim Stevens, Grant Nichol, Julie Nichol, Orla Bannan, Dee Bowring, Gavin Dell’Oro, Stephen Hickson, Kim Hardwick, Scott Lee, Gregory Mackintosh, Alan Moss, Gavin Norsworthy, Richard Pym, David Redfern, John Stewart, Kevin Taylor, Terry Wafer (v) Coach: Pete Bambach

10 Way Speed Star “Yellow Peril” 1988 -89, Australian National Championships, Mangalore,Vic, 10.59 secs. Team members: Tim Stevens, David Graham, John Stewart, Ray Palmer, Dave Parsons, Tom Piras, Jon McWilliam, Maggie Willgoose, Anthony Patterson, Ken Hills

Vertical Formation Skydiving

VFS 2 Way Intermediate "Shake Don't Flake", 2018 Australian National Championships, Nagambie, VIC. 7 Points. Team members: Shane Onis, Ware Wano, Alex Ohno (v)

VFS 2 Way "Shake Don't Flake", 2019 Australian National Championships, Moruya, NSW. 12 Points. Team members: Ware Wano, Shane Onis, Alex Ohno (v)

VFS 4 Way "Focus", 2020 Australian National Championships, Nagambie, VIC. 26 points 14.03.2020. Team members: Kyle Chick, Jimmy Cooper, Mark Gazley (v), Tim Golsby-Smith, Scott Hiscoe

VFS 4 Way Open, "Focus", 2016. 22nd FAI World Formation Skydiving Championships, Chicago, USA.  , 24 points. Team members: Kieren James, Scott Hiscoe, Nathan Smith, Kyle Chick, Dan Smith (v) 

VFS 4 Way Advanced (formerly Intermediate), "iFly Downunder". 2015 Australian National Championships, 22 points, 08.01.2015. Team members: Frazer Smith, Timothy Edwards, Kurmet Jaaldla, Tim Golsby - Smith, Mark Gazley (v)

Canopy Formation

2 Way Sequential Australian. "Ookoonono". 2014. 16th FAI World Canopy Formation Championships, Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina.  Round 3 - 31 points, August 2014. Team members: Julia McConnel, Michael Vaughan, Craig Bennett (v).

4 Way Sequential Australian. “K4”. 2018. Australian National Championships., Round 4 - 9 points, March 2018.  Team members: Scott Brown, Richie Dronow, Julia McConnel, Craig Bennett,  Stephen Tonson(v).

4 Way Rotations "Crimson Mist". 2004. 11th FAI World Championships in Canopy Formation, Rijeka, Croatia. 17 points, 22.09.04. Team members: Ralph Hamilton-Presgrave, Tom Begic, Cameron Cooper, Matt Berens, Mitch McMartin (v)

8 Way Speed Formation “Xtermin8”. 1996. 6th FAI World Championships in Canopy Formation, Indonesia. 42.61 seconds, June 1996. Team members: Greg Hays, Andrew Whitten, Paul Cohen, Tony Smith, Ben Nordkamp Jon McWilliam, Tom Begic, Steve Jones , Brett Higgins (v)

Canopy Piloting

Max Distance - Andrew Woolf. 2017 CP Polish Open Championships, Wroclaw, Poland, 17 July 2017 - 179.45m

Open Drag-Distance - Richo Healey. 2021 USPA National Championships, Eloy, AZ, USA, 17 October 2021 - 163.64m

Speed - Leigh McCormack. 10th FAI World Cup of Canopy Piloting 2019, Skydive Pretoria, South Africa, 23 November 2019 -  1,978 seconds

Open Female Speed - Karen Sheekey. 2008 2nd World Parachuting Championships, South Africa, 17-23 November 2008 - 2.729 seconds

Open Female Distance - Karen Sheekey. 2010 Australian National Championships, Picton, NSW, 19 February 2010 - 120.19m

Intermediate Speed - Gabriel Phillips. 2016 Australian National Championships, York, WA, 16 April 2016 - 2.114 sec

Intermediate Female Speed - Jules McConnel. 2007 Australian National Championships, Picton, NSW, 23 February 2007 - 3.506 seconds

Intermediate Distance - Max Manow. 2012 Australian National Championships, Picton, NSW, 7 October 2012 - 116.63m

Intermediate Female Distance - Jules McConnel. 2007 Australian National Championships, Picton, NSW 23.02.07 - 64.23m 


OPEN Wingsuit Performance - Greatest Distance, Chris Byrnes. 2019 Australian National Championships, Moruya, NSW, 12 March 2019 - 4.977 km

OPEN Wingsuit Performance - Fastest Speed, Chris Byrnes. 2019 Australian National Championships, Moruya, NSW, 12 March 2019 324.7 km/h

OPEN Wingsuit Performance - Highest Time, Chris Byrnes. 2019 Australian National Championships, Moruya, NSW, 12 March 2019 - 96.3 seconds

INTERMEDIATE Wingsuit Performance - Greatest Distance, Peter Kerr. 2020 Australian National Championships, Nagambie,VIC, 13 March 2020 3,457 metres

INTERMEDIATE Wingsuit Performance - Fastest Speed, Peter Kerr. 2020 Australian National Championships, Nagambie, VIC, 13 March 2020 73.2mps (291.9 km/h)

INTERMEDIATE Wingsuit Performance - Highest Time, Sudhir Rao. 2019 Australian National Championships, Moruya, NSW, 15 March 2019 - 55.1 seconds

Speed Skydiving

Records under new rules using GPS Speed Measuring Devices (SMDs):

Fastest Speed, Shane Turner: 2021 Virtual Australian National Championships, Toogoolawah, QLD. 13 March, 2021 - 513.08km/h

Fastest Speed (female), Natisha Dingle: , 2021 Queensland State Championships, Toogoolawah, QLD. 19 September, 2021 - 479.69km/h

Fastest Speed (Junior Female), OliviaScholten. 2019 Australian National Championships, Moruya, NSW, 16 March, 2019 - 272.16 km/h

Previous records using barometric SMDs:

Fastest Speed, Shane Turner. 2018 FAI World Parachuting Championships, Gold Coast, Australia, 10 October 2018 - 524.62 km/h

Fastest Speed (Female), Bella Smart. 2018 Australian National Parachuting Championships, Nagambie, VIC, 17 March 2018 - 437.8 km/h



1968 COLIN KING, World Parachuting Championships - Classic Accuracy - SILVER

1975 "JOINT EFFORT" - Ian Swinbourne, Andrew Sieczkowski, Bob Barry, Tony Curl, Ken Hills, Bruce Bramhill, Peter Stevenson, Robin Rose, Greg Graham, Peter Eadie, Tony Duckworth (res), John Bate (res), John Parker (broken leg - Didn’t jump but went with the team). World Parachuting Championships, Warendorf - 10-way Formation Skydiving - SILVER

1979 "RAPID TRANSIT"- Allen Soukup (capt)., Roger Newgreen, Peter Knights, Norm Burridge, Ray Palmer Formation Skydiving 4 way - BRONZE

1981 "PROMETHEUS" - Peter Eadie, Chris Bramhill, Dave Flood, Guy Mainwaring, Dave Jacobs, Richard Drieu, Ray Morgan, Dave Hancock, Doug Knowles, Ray Palmer reserve. Formation Skydiving 8 way - BRONZE

1982 - Ian Swinbourne, Laurie Sams, Mike Dyer, Graeme Windsor - Team Accuracy - BRONZE

1982 "CROOZ" - Geoff Little, Paul Flipo, John Greig, Chris Fowler - CRW 4-way rotations - Aug World Cup, Lapallisse France. SILVER

1983 "PROMETHEUS" - Chris Bramhill, Dave Flood, Guy Mainwaring, Colin Porter, Ray Morgan, Dave Hancock, Rod Cullen, Warren Howard, Paddy McHugh, Graham Jeffrey. NOTE: This team competed at the bequest of the government in lieu of travelling to the World Championships, which at the time were in South Africa.) - Canada Cup (alternative), Claresholm, Alberta. 8-way Formation Skydiving - BRONZE

1984 "ROOZ" - Geoff Little, Paul Flipo, Ross McGee, Brian Scoffell. CRW 4-way rotations - World Cup, Toogoolawah, QLD -SILVER

1986 "CRWCIAL" ANDRE PERCIC, BRENT CAMERON, MARK SCOTT, IAN SLIGHT. 1st World Parachuting Championships in CRW, Gatton, QLD - CRW 4-Way Sequential - BRONZE

1986 "EARLY OPENERS" - CRW 8-way. 1st World Parachute Championships of CRW BRONZE , Gatton.

1988 "EARLY OPENERS" - CRW 8-way. Dave McEvoy, Andrew Whitten, Paul Cohen, David Bailey, Adam Hoppe, Brad Turner, Greg Roberts, Jon Kent, Andrew Preston, Stu McNee.World Parachuting Championships, Vichy, France. SILVER

1990 "EARLY OPENERS" -CRW 8-way. Greg Roberts, Greg Hays, Paul Flipo, Eros Batello, Andrew Preston, Brad Turner, Paul Cohen, Andrew Whitten, David Bailey.World Parachuting Championships, Chiang Mai, Thailand. GOLD

1995 ROZ TOMKINS, CRAIG FIELD (camera). World Cup - Freestyle - BRONZE

1998 "IT'LL HAPPEN" -   Tim Stevens; Julie Ward; Greg Mackintosh; Alan Moss; Stephen Hickson; John Stewart; Gavin Norsworthy; Kevin Taylor; Kim Hardwick; Orla Bannan; Dee Bowring; Gavin Dell’Oro; Grant Nichol; Richard Pym; David Redfern ; Scott Lee; Terry Wafer (v) - World Cup 16-way Formation Skydiving, Empuriabrava, Spain - GOLD

1998 "SOUTHERN AURORA" - Karen Sitkowski, Joanne Boniface, Nicole Lemke, Fiona McEachern, Monica Green (v) - Women's World Cup 4-way Formation Skydiving, Evora Portugal - SILVER

1999 ASHLEY CRICK and JONATHON KING - World Parachuting Championships, Corowa, NSW - Men's Freestyle - GOLD

1999 GEMMA STEVENS and PAUL TRUMAN - World Parachuting Championships, Corowa, NSW - Women's Freestyle - SILVER

1999 "SOUTHERN AURORA" - Karen Sitkowski, Nicole Lemke, Leanne Knowles, Michelle Mullen, Tim Hughes (v) - World Parachuting Championships and Women's World Cup 4 way Formation Skydiving, Corowa Australia - SILVER

2000 ASHLEY CRICK and JONATHON KING - World Cup, Eloy - Men's Freestyle - GOLD

2003 ASHLEY CRICK and JONATHON KING - World Parachuting Championships, Gap France - Men's Freestyle - SILVER

2006 SILVER Canopy Piloting, Zone Accuracy World Championships, Vienna, Austria - C - MICHAEL VAUGHAN

2008 SILVER Canopy Piloting, Distance. World Championships, Pretoria, South Africa. CAMERON ROLFE

2009 BRONZE "OOKOONONO" Canopy Formation, 2 Way Sequential. World Games, Kaosiung, Taiwan. Craig Bennett (v), Julia McConnel and Michael Vaughan

2010 SILVER Canopy Formation, 2-way sequential. World Parachuting Championships, Menzelinsk, Russia. "OOKOONONO" - Craig Bennett (v), Julia McConnel and Michael Vaughan

2010 BRONZE Canopy Piloting Accuracy. 3rd FAI World Canopy Piloting Parachuting Championships. Kolomna, Russia. ROBERT MCMILLAN

2012 BRONZE Canopy Formation, 2-way sequential. 15th FAI World Parachuting Championships Mondial. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. "OOKOONONO" - Craig Bennett (v), Julia McConnel and Michael Vaughan

2014 SILVER Canopy Formation 2-way sequential. 16th FAI World Parachuting Championships. Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. "OOKOONONO" Craig Bennett (v), Julia McConnel and Michael Vaughan 

2014 GOLD Canopy Piloting Zone Accuracy. 5th FAI World Canopy Piloting Championships. Zephyrhills, USA. KEVEN WALTERS

2018 GOLD Canopy Piloting Speed. 7th FAI World Canopy Piloting Championships. Wroclaw, Szymanow, Poland. ANDREW WOOLF 

2018 SILVER Speed Skydiving. 2nd FAI World Speed Skydiving Championships. Gold Coast, Australia. SHANE TURNER

2018 BRONZE Vertical Formation Skydiving 4-way. 23rd FAI World Formation Skydiving Championships. Gold Coast, Australia. "FOCUS" - Kyle Chick, Scott Hiscoe, Tim Golsby-Smith, Jimmy Cooper, Mark Gazley (v)

2018  BRONZE Canopy Formation 4-way Sequential. 18th FAI World Canopy Formation Championships. Gold Coast, Australia. "K4" - Jules McConnel, Richie Dronow, Craig Bennett, Scott Brown, Steve Tonson (v)

2019 BRONZE Speed Skydiving Female. 4th World Cup of Speed Skydiving, Dunkeswell, UK. JESSICA JOHNSTON

2019 SILVER Wingsuit Performance. 3rd World Cup of Wingsuit Performance Flying, Ravenna, Italy. CHRIS BYRNES

2019 BRONZE Wingsuit Performance Team. 3rd World Cup of Wingsuit Performance Flying, Ravenna, Italy. CHRIS BYRNES

2019 BRONZE Wingsuit Performance Team. 3rd World Cup of Wingsuit Performance Flying, Ravenna, Italy. LUKE ROGERS

2019 BRONZE Wingsuit Performance Team. 3rd World Cup of Wingsuit Performance Flying, Ravenna, Italy. JASON DODUNSKI

Notable Events

3 Point 54 way Sequential Formation Skydive

10/6/2012. Perris, California, USA. 2 Skyvans and 1 Twin Otter. 

Abad Wladimir (FOA), Clay Anderson, Nerissa Anderson, Steve Baker, Ian Baldwin, Kelly Brennan, Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld (FOA), Mark Brown (FOA), Matt Chambers, Calder Chernoff, Scott Clark, Kate Cooper-Jensen (FOA), Shirley Cowcher, Jim Czerwinski, Terry Dauplaise (FOA), Tony Domenico (FOA), Mike Dyer, Bart Edwards, John Friswell, Allan Gray, William Harris, Janine Hayes, Larry Henderson (FOA), Michael Hill, Gregory Jack, Ralf Jaeger, Ryan Jenkin, Chris Jones, Warwick Jones, Ove Jorgensen, Antony Kaine, Nicole Kearns, Graham Lee, Adrian Lloyd, Helen Mahony, Tony Maurer, Jan Nejedly, Adam Pemble, Kenneth Richards, Andy Rowan, Tracey Sgroi, Leigh Shepherd, Ricky Smith, Mildred Spinoza, Mark Szulmayer, Maxine Tate (FOA), Guy Taylor, Kieran Tomlinson, Marilyn Tomlinson, Priit Vosu, Stephen Wade, Stuart Ware, Janine Wassens, Alan White.

Note: This skydive was completed before large formation sequential rules were written into the FAI Sporting Code in 2013, and then accepted into the APF Sporting Code in 2016. It is therefore recognised as an APF Notable Event, rather than an APF Performance Record.

10 Way Speed Star

“38 SQUADRON” 23 August 1979, Chateroux, France, 5.89 secs. This was done by the Australian 8 way FS team during practice jumps prior to commencement of the World Championships. They asked if they could be judged with the aim of setting a new 10 way record. It was a linked exit opened into a star. Team members were Ian Swinbourne, Annie Swinbourne, Greg Graham, Peter Eadie, Kathy Silvestri, Rod Whyte, Ross Loughton, Paddy McHugh, Doug Knowles and Alan Stephens

Most jumps in 24 hours

On the 13th January 2012, Julia McConnel and Michael Vaughan made 150 skydives each at Skydive Oz's Moruya NSW DZ, starting at 5.20am and clocking off at 4.28pm. The achievement was made with the support of 40 volunteers, including 10 packers and three aircraft (Cessna 180. 185 and 182)

Packing unassisted Tim Stevens made 100 jumps at Bairnsdale airfield commencing at 12:07 pm on 6 February 1993. The jumps and packing were completed in 22 hours and 34 minutes. Tim personally packed the parachute for each jump. Six sets of gear were used by Tim.
Steve Boekel jumped with Tim Stevens, also completing 100 jumps within 24 hours. Steve had people packing parachutes for him.
The aircraft used was Cessna 182 VH-CKZ.

Night jump from a balloon

Ron Llewellyn on 20 December 1989 jumped from 4100 ft at 03.46 hours at Bex Hill near Lismore, NSW

FS Largest POPS (Parachutists over Phorty)

Skydive Perris Valley, California, USA. 7 June 2012, 42 Way. Participants were Wladimir Abad (USPA), Clay Anderson, Steve Baker, Kelly Brennan, Nigel Brennan, Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld (USPA), Mark Brown (USPA), Matt Chambers, Scott Clark, Kate Cooper-Jensen (USPA), Shirley Cowcher, Jim Czerwinski, Tony Domenico (USPA), Mike Dyer, John Friswell, Allan Gray, William Harris, Janine Hayes, Mark Higgins, Michael Hill, Gregory Jack, Ralf Jaeger, Warwick Jones, Ove Jorgensen, Antony Kaine, Graham Lee, Adrian Lloyd, Helen Mahony, Tony Maurer, Jan Nejedly, Adam Pemble, Ian Robertson, Andy Rowan (USPA), Leigh Shepherd, Steve Smedley, Ricky Smith, Mildred Spinoza, Mark Szulmayer, Maxine Tate (USPA), Guy Taylor, Janine Wassens, & Alan White.

FS Women's Largest POPS 

Rambler’s Parachute Centre, Toogoolawah Qld, April 2007, 17 Way. Participants included: Maybritt Prahl, Heather Little, Lesley Gale, Lea Rickwood, Kim Hedley, Susan Bostock, Michelle Kosmer, Janine Whitten, Karen McEvoy, Elise Hill, Fiona McEachern, Kelly Graham, Cheryl Robertson, Elaine Cox, Wendy Smith, Conny Van Setten, Jan Jones. Camera: Steve Fitchett. 

FS Largest SOS (Skydivers over Sixty)

SOS_Record_August2013 2 August 2013, 17 way formation over Batchelor DZ, Darwin, NT.
Ian Robbertson, John Kinton, Peter Hannaford, Martin Pandelus, Geoff Gordon, Gordon Turner, Les Facer, Mel Ferrier, Roger Clifton, Elvon King, Ross Stockings, Stephen Pandelus, David Betts, Don Biggins, Nigel Brennan, Dave McEvoy and Jonathon Orr.
SOS record 17 way, 2013

1st Australian POPS 8 way claim

Tyagarah, NSW, Exit altitude 10,000'. 31 December 1989, 6.30 pm,

Bill Host, Dave Nesbitt, Ray Logue, Ian McGregor, Mike Liggins, Gene Bermingham, Occa Stevenson, Dave Hobbs.

Drop Zones in one day

On 13 January 1990, a Cessna 182 with 5 jumpers on board jumped at 8 Student training Drop Zones in one day. The jumpers were:-

George Creecy, Paul Thomson, Bjorn Hugaas, Neil Cheney, Sean Lehane.

Drop Zones jumped at were:-

Corowa, Burrumbuttock, Benambra, Bairnsdale, Pakenham, Meredith, Puckapunyal, Violet Town

Oldest person in a 5 way formation

Henk Rutgers has claimed a record of being the oldest skydiver in a 5 way formation on 21 April 1990

He was 73. Other participants were:- Steve Whalan, Phil Onis, Grahame Hill, Nick Hagarty, Peter Brierley (camera)

Oldest Skydivers


Oldest Skydiver Irene O'Shea, aged 102 and 193 days, DoB 30/05/1916, made her 3rd jump at 'SA Skydiving' at Langhorne Creek South Australia on December 9th 2018. The Tandem Master was Jed Smith.

Photo by. Bryce Sellick

Oldest male Skydiver Frank Moody, aged 101, made a tandem jump at Skydive Cairns in June 2004. The Tandem Master was Karl Eitrich and the event was filmed by Wayne Donovan & Jason Cyran.

Youngest skydiver

Finn Goennemann (D.O.B. 13/01/2003) made his first tandem jump on the 14/06/2010 to celebrate his 7th birthday. The jump was made at Picton DZ, NSW through APF club, Sydney Skydivers. Tandem Master was Finn's father, Jens . Approval was given for this jump under the powers of APF Operational Regulation 8.7.1 and CASA instrument 380/08
Photo by Jim Smith

Youngest female skydiver

Bronte 7 years
Bronte Lonnon (D.O.B. 16/06/2007) made her first tandem jump on the 05/06/2015 aged 7 years, just before her 8th birthday. The jump was made at Jurien Bay DZ, WA through APF club, Skydive Jurien Bay. Tandem Master was her father Pete Lonnon. APF Permission was given for this jump under the powers of APF Operational Regulation 2.2.3.
Photo by ??

First baton pass in Australia

April 1961 between Andy Keech and Laurie Trotter, over Deniliquin in NSW.

First female baton pass in Australia

24th March 1962 between Kathy Henderson and Ted Harrison, over Pakenham, Victoria.

Largest Balloon jump

22 way simultaneous exit from a single hot air balloon was made on Thursday the 07\01\2010. They climbed to 10,500 feet and lowered the balloon at fast rate to 7100 feet where the 22 jumpers exited at the same time.

The team from Melbourne Skydive Centre and Go Wild Ballooning: Paul Murphy, Dan Barker, Kerry Lewis, Stephanie Chin, Gints Leja, Chris Barnett, Ben Lappin, Alex Mitrjaikin, Mcmahon Will, Tania Cale, Jill Grantham, Steve Baich, Rima El-masri, Brad Patfield, Mark Fraser, Sam Parker, Matthew Cleave, Sven Peter, Alex Skala, Nir Davidson and Ossie Khan - LDO/Organiser. Pilot 1: Chris Duehurst – Go Wild Ballooning

22 Way Mass Balloon Exit Oz Record Jan 2010 (Notable Event) photo by Ossie Khan

18 jumps on 18th Birthday

Joe Bergic at Corowa on 7 March 2001. 17 jumps on Corowa airport and one into the Ettamogah Pub near Albury.

"Largest Lingerie Load"

12 May 2002, 12 May 2002, at Nagambie, Victoria, 12 female skydivers attempted to create a record for the “Largest Lingerie Load”. This was attempted wearing only lingerie and rigs and was an Anti-Cancer Council fund-raising event on Mothers’ Day. Twelve represents the likelihood of one in 12 women dying of breast cancer

12 person star participants were Kath Hoffman, Theresa Malin, Kate Rose, Bec Kerr, Carley Young, Naomi “Nomes” Ross, Kristy Heron, Lisa Perdichizzi, Lisa Dell’Oro, Stacey Connell, Michaela “Chicky” Bell, Jude Freeman.

Performance Records

Accuracy Landing (2cm Disc)

Andy Mulholland 3 dead centres followed by 3cm, 2009 Australian Nationals, 7-10 March 2009, Latrobe Valley Victoria

Most Consecutive Dead Centres

Laurence (Truck) Sams hit 18 consecutive Dead Centres (10cm disc) in the Accuracy Event held at the 1981 Australian National Championships. At the time a Competition record of at 10 dead centres, was achieved by both Laurie and "Dickie ?". The two then battled it out, Dickie stopping at 14, and Laurie continuing until he achieved 18. 

High Altitude (delayed opening)

Group men - 32,250 feet on 26/2/72, Pakenham, from a Piper Navajo. Graham Wain, Dennis Curran, Ojars Silins, William Kenny, Dave Millard.

Women - Gail Mercer 23/6/1998, Toogoolawah from Cessna Caravan VH – MMV exit at 28,000 feet, opening at 4,000’, freefall time 2:05..

Largest Freefall Formation


Photo by Stephen Tonson

130-way. 2/06/2019. Perris California, USA. Approx 1850 hours. Aircraft – 4 x Skyvans, 3 x Twin Otters.

Nigel Ackroyd, Steve Baker, David Bakkers, Andrew Barker, Martin Barkley, Alison Bawden, Leon Black, Brian Bleazard, Gustavo Boisson, Marcus Bourget, Nigel Brennan, Stacey Brosnan, Brendan Buell, Will Cass, Alexander Cattaneo, Calder Chernoff, Joseph Clarke, Shirley Cowcher, Steve Cusato, Rebecca Dengate, Kevin Dodd, Jim Doyle, Mike Dyer, Adrian Ferguson, Laurence Garceau, John Garnett, Dave Girvin, Carlos Gomez Hernandez, Jonell Goss, Dave Gough, Allan Gray, Daniel Gray, Paul Gresser, Greg Hamilton, William Harris, Melissa Harvie, Janine Hayes, Kristina Hicks, Mark Higgins, Matt Hill, Kerry Hook, Chris Howard, Tim Hurford, Gregory Jack, Warwick Jones, Ove Jorgensen, Martin Klapper, Artour Kolesnikov, Taran Laval, John Leach, Heather Little, Chuang Liu, David Loncasty, James Longworth, Helen Mahony, Maurice Mathey, Jarrod Matthews, Joel Matthews, Kaylene Mattner, Peter McKenzie, Craig McNee, Jonathon McWilliam, Vivian Merz, Craig Morris, Alan Moss, Andrew Mulholland, Dougal Munford, Derek Murphy, Paul Murphy, Jan Nejedly, Mary Nguyen, Grant Nichol, Sandra Nieuwenhoven, Michael Paris, Adam Pemble, Andrej Percic, Ross Shaw, Brandon Shortland, Kristofor Sieczkowski, Garry Smith, Ricky Smith, Mildred Spinoza, Mark Szulmayer, George Tang, Guy Taylor, Kieran Tomlinson, Marilyn Tomlinson, Brad Trevena, Brandon van Niekerk, Sean Walsh, Allister Ware, Graeme White, Richard Wilkinson, John Winkler, Dale Wirtanen, Donald Woodland, Anthony Zaman, Vlastimil Zamecik. Including Friends of Australia (FOA): Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, Carsten Cooper-Jensen, Kate Cooper-Jensen, Rich Delgado, Robert Domeier, Jennifer Domenico, David Dow, Dave Eisele, Diane Evans, Christopher Farina, Keith Fay, Doug Forth, Mark Fosbury, Craig Girard, Yukari Hashimoto, Larry Henderson, Terry Irving, Kevin Kierce, Warder Latinis, Marty Lloyd, Alexander Marten, Jim McCormick, Celine Pelletier, Jennifer Pierce, Douglas Pryor, David Schrager, Robert Stumm, Jean Szkaradek, Jon Thorvaldsson, Shaun Vineyard, Lawrence Wobker, Ikuko Yoda.Camera - Norman Kent, Craig O'Brien, Stephen Tonson, Lucianio Bacque, George Katsoulis, Terry Weatherford.

Largest Freefall Formation (Women)

Photo by Archie Jamieson.

Women's 47 Way, Rambler's Parachute Centre, Toogoolawah.
1600 hours 21 April 2005


Leigh Ainsworth, Torill Anderson, Sally Baker, Jodie Ball, Amelia Barrett, Prue Beams, Suzanne Bourke, Sonja Bruss, Cheri Bullen, Dianne Campbell, Caitlin Collin, Chris Collins, Elaine Cox, Annika Cronert, Cassandra Dale, Katie Fluin, Marlies Friese, Kim Hardwick, Yakari Hashimoto, Janine Hayes, Kim Hedley, Angela Hiesler, Cindi Hemmila, Peta Holmes, Elly Kirkman, Heather Little, Lisa McDonald, Debby Marshall, Fiona McEachern, Susie McEvoy, Karen McEvoy, Julie Nichol, Lisa Perdichizzi, Maybritt Prahl, Claire Ringland, Cheryl Robertson, Elise Rogers, Naomi Ross, Deborah Sanderson, Tracey Sgroi, Krishna Strickland, Donna Turner, Amy von Novak, Lynette Warn, Kim Williamson, Kate Wills, Carley Young

Camera: Archie Jamieson, Jeff Lahey & Wayne McLachlan.

Largest Star Formation 16 Way

Largest Star Formation 16 Way, Skydive Jurien Bay, Western Australia. 3 November 2019

Denise Bess, Jessica Bowler, Kelly Brennan, Shirley Cowcher, Georgina Hunia, Terry Irving, Shelby Mcleary, Tamara McMurtrie, Lisa Millar, Maybritt Prahl, Susan Probert, Danielle Riley, Emma Thomson, Emma Thornton, Peter Lonnon, Simon Di Sciascio.

Camera: Adam Fiannaca.

Largest Star Formation Women's 16 Way

Women's 16 Way Star Formation, Skydive Nagambie, VIC. 4 April 2021 from Cessna Caravan

Riss Anderson, Nicole Kearns, Agnes Belanger, Catherine Bennetts-Cash, Jill Grantham, Laura Bamford, Gemma Hodges, Ariel White, Aimee Southwell, Gina Mahnkopp, Stacey Brosnan, Amanda Lavis, Mariska Folley, Fiona Jansen, Maddison Cross, Joyce Chan.

Largest Freefall Formation (Night)

24 Way formation, Manbulloo airstrip near Katherine, NT 2040 hours on 10 May 1990

Lee Hunt, Max Wallace, Thomas Frey, Monica Green, Paul Osborne, Jeff Barbone, Duncan Brown, John Cook, Mark Kenning, Rick Weisse, Ray Perry, Steve Haines, Richard Drieu, Ed White, Peter Keegan, Sally Bushell, Peter Vaughan, Steve Whalan, Ralph Ford, John McMahon, Brad Turner, Mick Larkin, John James, Greg Wright. Aircraft was a Twin Otter , VH-KZP

Largest Formation Sequential

2 point 45 way Formation Skydive. Skydive Ramblers, Toogoolawah, QLD. 3 October 2018 from 18' AMSL 3 x 208 Cessna Caravans. Note: The 2 point 45 wassuccessfully achieved three times in the same calendar day. The following participants are recognised as being on at least one of each of the three record sequential skydives.

Nigel Ackroyd, Ian Baldwin, Tracey Basman, Gustavo Boisson, Leon Black, Brian Bleazard, Kelly Brennan, Stephen Brett, Stacey Brosnan, Alex Cattaneo, Calder Chernoff, Joseph Clarke, Gregory Coman, Steven Cusato, Natisha Dingle, Kevin Dodd, James Doyle, Mike Dyer, Adrian Ferguson, Natsuko Fukuda, Karen Fuller, Laurence Garceau, John Garnett, David Girvin, Jonell Goss, Madeleine Gouge, Dave Gough, Daniel Gray, Brenton Green, Paul Gresser, Cullen Habel, Michael Hardy, Garth Harley, Yukari Hashimoto, Emily Hatfield, Janine Hayes, Larry Henderson, Kristina Hicks,Mark Higgins, Matthew Hill, Kerry Hook, Greg Jack, Ian Johnson, Antony Kaine, Skye Kalms, Davd Kelly, Martin Klapper, Artour Kolesnikov, Kathryn Leszyk, Joshua Leussink, Leanna Lewis, Dave Loncasty, Helen Mahony, Maurice Mathey, Anthony Maurer, Robert McCulloch, Peter McKenzie, Craig McNee, Craig Morris, Andrew Mulholland,Sandy Nieuwenhoven, Bernardus Nordkamp, Michael Paris, Andrej Percic, Christian Peric, Andrew Preston, Douglas Pryor,Ross Shaw, Brandon Shortland, Kristofor Sieczkowski, Stephen Smedley, Mildred Spinoza, Mark Szulmayer, Guy Taylor, Trish Vogels, Graeme White, John Winkler, Dale Wirtanen, Lawrence Wobker, Donald Woodland.

Videographers: Paul Barker, David Brown, Steve Dines, Steve Fitchett.

Photo by Steve Fitchett.

Largest Freefall Formation Sequential (Women)

2 point 19 way Formation Skydive. Skydive Jurien Bay, Western Australia. 18 April 2021 from Cessna 208 & Cessna 206.

Cherie Bailey, Denise Bess, Tara Blennerhassett, Jessica Bowler, Kelly Brennan, Shirley Cowcher, Ashley Davis, Steph Dunkel, Terry Irving, Alexandra Kongshaug, Shelby McLeary, Tamara McMurtrie, Maybritt Prahl, Paige Preedy, Susan Probert, Danielle Riley, Christine Sparrow, Emma Thomson, Kelly Waller.

Camera: Kim Brooks, Adam Fiannaca

Largest Canopy Formation (Day)

44 Way, Skydive Nagambie, Nagambie, Vic, 30 October, 2015 (The record was made twice on 30/11/2015 at: 0742 am and 1158 am).

Paul Baker, Dean Barrowcliffe, Tomislav Begic, Craig Bennett, Matthew Berens, Scott Brown, Brendan Buell, Michael Collins, Cameron Cooper, Andrew (Danny) Daniels, Stami Donovan, Ashley Davis,
Richie Dronow, Mark Edwards, Allan Gray, Ralph Hamilton-Presgrave, Guy Hanby, Greg Hays, Mike Howell, Simon Kube, Martin Letch, Pete Lonnon, Julia McConnel, Robert McMillan, Sam Mehan, Jan Nejedly,
Bernardus Nordkamp, Sandra Northey, Andrew Preston, Kenneth Richards, Jaak Saega, Louie Schena, Tracey Sgroi, Shane Sparkes, George Chi ho Tang, Mike Tibbitts, Brad Turner, Tommaso Liccioli Watson,
Rod White, Vlastimil Zamecnik, Derec Davies, Christopher Gay, Yijun Huang, Gerrit Lambert, Henk Lunshof, Brian Pangburn, Yuliya Pangburn, Chris Warnock

Camera: Steve Fitchett, Steve Dines, Brett Higgins, Stephen Tonson, Lucas "Smiley" Yeo

44 way.jpg
44way CF, Skydive Nagambie.

Largest Canopy Formation (Women)

8 Way, Ramblers Parachute Centre, Toogoolawah, Qld, 28th April 2011. Aircraft: Cessna Caravan. Exit height: 14,000ft

Jules McConnel, Jill Grantham, Nerissa Anderson, Tracey Basman, Amy McDermott, Charlotte Van Den Berg, Kathryn Mettler, Wendy Smith.

Steve Fitchett and Norman Kent on camera.

Largest Canopy Formation (Night)

13 Way, Cairns Airport, Cairns, QLD, 1950 hours on 8 September 1984.

Nick Hagarty, Lindy Corbould, Rod Whyte, Cecil Bartholomew, Mirko Beric, Stewart McPherson, George Simmons, Stan Newsome, Kevin Cowie, John Gurn, Steven Pashley, Greg Ernst, Rod Ernst.

Largest Freefly Formation - Head Down Orientation

44 Way, Skydive Oz, Moruya, NSW. 28 October 2017. Exit height 18,000 ASL

Spencer Barnes, Matt Boags, Nathan Brown, Brent Chandler, Kyle Chick, Cath Comyns, Richie Convery, Jimmy Cooper, Dan Croft, Jonny Dewet, Dimitri Didenko, Maria Dmitrienko, Heini Elo, James Evered, Tayne Farrant, Hayden Galvin, James Garnaut, , Lucas Georgiou, Tim Golsby Smith, Rhys Haggarty, Jared Harris, Scott Hiscoe, Liam Hoffman, Blake Hooper, Kim Hopwood, Dave Hyndman, Kieren James, Wayne Jones, Jason Lane, Leigh McCormack, Barbara Meister, Sam Millington, Shane Onis, Klas Ramsay, Bruno Reis, Jason Russell, Larissa Scanagatta, Shannon Seyb, Brett Sheridan, Dan Smith, Nathan Smith, Erica Tadakoro, Clayton Werner, Royce Wilson, Mark Gazley (camera)

Largest Freefly Formation - Head Up Orientation

16 way, Skydive Oz, Moruya, NSW. 27 January 2019. Exit height 15,000 ASL

Nathan Brown, Kyle Chick, Cath Comyns, Jimmy Cooper, Ben Cuttler, Lucas Georgiou, Tim Golsby-Smith, Scott Hiscoe, Jenny Hopwood, Kim Hopwood, Leigh McCormack, Justin Mooney, Jacob Mulder, Bella Smart, Sonnica Van Zijl, Greg Whitehead, Royce Wilson, Mark Gazley (camera).

Women's Largest Freefly Formation - Head Down Orientation

10 Way, Sydney Skydivers, Picton, 06 June 2015. Exit height: 13,500, Aircraft: Caravan (Drop Zone Picton - 500ft ASL)

Cath Comyns, Jenny Gordon, Barbara Meister, Jill Grantham, Erica Tadokoro, Tina Muddle, Issy Dore. Shelly Delaney, Sonnica Pokroy, Holly Kilham Camera: Dan Smith, Brad Pokroy    

Largest Wingsuit Formation

23 Way, York, Western Australia, 05 November 2015. Exit height: 14,000, Aircraft: 2 X Cessna 208 (Drop Zone - 500ft ASL)

Scott Paterson, Mia Angus, Jack Rolliston, Jacob Muscat, Jenette Savage, Josh Richards, Craig Cook, Johannes Debler, Stephen Arkwright, Benoit Foulon, Jeremy Bourne, Clint Dadson, Jose Calderon, Tamsyn Snyman, Ryan Scarlett, Luke Wickliffe, Elodie Pretorius, Shaun MacLoughney, Ben Dummett, Adam Fiannaca, Alex Mazza, Craig Romero, Wes Burrows. Willy Boeykens (v).