Latest Regulations


Download the new 2024 Regulations from the Publications page or here:

These new regulations are binding on all members of the APF and apply to parachuting activities conducted or undertaken under the auspices of the APF. As usual, an Amendments table in each document lists significant changes since the previous issues. All changed text is also highlighted throughout each document by a vertical line in the left-side margin adjacent to changed text.  Here is a summary of key points relevant to your title/group:

All Jumpers and Group Members

  • OR 2.3.5 - Ensure the jumps required for a Sporting Licence renewal are conducted under the direct supervision of a DZSO of a training organisation.
  • RS 58 9 - Each Group Member must ensure their students are reading and signing the waiver for the State in which they are jumping.
  • Misconduct Policy and Procedures Manual (MPPM) 2.1 - Allow an Authorised Person an adequate time period to issue a RIN only after there is relevant confirmation that an infringement occurred.
  • Equipment Standard APF071206-L - Ensure ES APF071206-L correlates with CASR Part 105 and Part 105 MOS. This includes removing Personal Floatation Device Australian Standard AS4758 – Level 50.
  • Various and multiple minor changes throughout all documents.

Chief Instructors, Instructors and Coaches

  • OR 14.5.4 Amend wording to allow an Instructor with a DZSO endorsement to supervise B-rels.
  • RS 53 7.3 The APF mini-conference does not offer thorough continued professional development to allow for an extension of an instructor rating or coach approval.
  • RS 53 7.8 & 9.2 Remove the ability for new Master Instructor ratings while allowing the retention and renewal of existing Master Instructor ratings.
  • Training Operations Manual - Amend Stage 7 of the Accelerated Freefall Training Table to include  instability recovery training (this can be achieved with the student initiating a back loop or a barrel roll). 

Jump Pilots

  • OR 5.1.1 Align pilot requirements with Part 105 MOS.

  • RS 56 5.2 For a pilot to continue to hold a Jump Pilot Authorisation (JPA), the pilot must have recent experience at a training organisation.

Packers and Riggers

  • RS 53 14.3 Allow the STM to approve an extension of a Packer A or Rigger rating to three years.

Display Organisers and Display jumpers

  • Display Manual - Amendments that confirm breach of regulations is covered by MPPM.

  • Remove Silver Fountain flares as an approved type of pyrotechnic