Latest Regulations


Download the new 2023 Regulations from the Publications page or here:

These new regulations are binding on all members of the APF and apply to parachuting activities conducted or undertaken under the auspices of the APF. As usual, an Amendments table in each document lists significant changes since the previous issues (01 April 2022). All changed text is also highlighted throughout each document by a vertical line in the left-side margin adjacent to changed text.  Here is a summary of key points relevant to your title/group:

All Jumpers

  • OR 12.5.2 & 15.4.1 Ensure all APF members comply with equipment manufacturer issued service bulletins.
  • RS 57 4(d) - Clarify APF's role as a regulator, including a statement that APF is not considered a PCBU (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking)
  • All documents - Remove the term 'club' and replace with 'Group Member'

Chief Instructors, Instructors and Coaches

  • All documents - Remove the term 'appointment' ('appointed' and 'appoint'), where applicable and replace with 'approval' ('approved' and 'approve')

Jump Pilots

  • OR Part 5.1.7 - Removes Senior Pilots ability to administer re-training and assessment to meet currency requirements

  • RS56 5.1 - Alignment of JPA revalidation process across all APF documents

  • RS56 5.2 & Jump Pilot Manual 3.2.6 - Allow a CI or Senior Pilot to sign certain JPA revalidation applications