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  • Fifty years of South Australian skydiving history in photos and stories, collected and edited by Steve Swann. A series of photo galleries is being developed to capture our history while we can.
  • Skydiving and Pregnancy by Leanne Critchley. Becoming a skydiver is a life changing event and a wonderful experience. So is having a baby! Although the two are not mutually exclusive, the decision to have a baby creates the need for some complex decision making for the skydiving parents-to-be. So here are some of the facts, some of the things to think about, some experiences of other women. Then it's up to each individual to make decisions according to what is right for her, her partner and her baby.
  • Baby on Board Article first published in Australian Skydiver Magazine Issue 33, Vol 5 2006. Includes feedback from first hand experience by a number of Aussie skydiving Mums.
  • Airspeed Skills Camp Notebook This program is the culmination of many years of work, originally started by the founding members of Arizona Airspeed. When this began, Jack Jefferies, Mark Kirkby, Kirk Verner, Dan BC originally wanted to pass on their vast knowledge of skydiving to improve the skydiving community as a whole. Many of the systems they have in place are from the work that that these 4 guys initiated. Then, just as now, the primary focus of the camp is PERSONAL BEST AND TEAM BEST.
  • Safety Checklist: Skydivers can benefit from more frequent and thorough equipment checks, emergency procedures practice, and enhanced canopy control awareness. This checklist was produced by the USPA as a result of one of their national Safety Days and is reproduced here with their permission. It has been modified by the APF Technical Officer to suit Australian Specifications.
  • Choosing a parachute: Once members have completed their student training one of their first questions is "What sort of parachute should I buy?"
  • Assessing your glide angle - the Accuracy Trick: Or "Can I make it back to the drop zone?"
  • Canopy collisions by Fiona McEachern: How to avoid them and what to do if you have one...
  • Human Factors Systems Safety - Australian Skydiving by Mike Flanagan, section Head Human Factors Systems Safety - CASA. (2006) This report is in response to a request received from the Sports & recreation section to consider Human Factors (HF) issues associated with recent accidents. To investigate whether HF principles can make a contribution to increasing the safety of the sport.
How high can one safely parachute from?
PIA Symposium 2007 Speaker Notes
Member Theses

Below is a selection of Theses written by experienced Instructors as part of their Senior Instructor Application. It is important to note that although relevant at the time, some of these publications are over 20 years old, hence should be used as additional information and not be relied on solely for educational purposes.


This document is comprised of a number of brief outlines of specific risks associated with sports parachuting. The scenarios outlined here have caused serious and often fatal injuries to skydivers either here in Australia or elsewhere in the world. These scenarios are presented here with the intention of increasing awareness of these specific risks, promoting discussion and hopefully reducing the incidence of adverse outcomes.

Canopy Control
  • Canopy Collision Avoidance (by Jules McConnel) May 2011
  • Canopy collisions how to avoid them and what to do if you have one (by Fiona McEachern)
  • Elliptical Parachutes and Canopy Control (By John LeBlanc of Performance Designs)
  • Wing Loading & It's Effects A seminar by Performance Designs, Inc. Speaker: John LeBlanc
  • Fly or Fry by Rob McMillan. Student Handbook: This student manual contains 'food for thought' and practical ideas regarding how to better spend your time flying your wing. The notes will teach some basics about canopy flight. Though before attempting anything new or different, don't hesitate to as a canopy flight tutor to help plan the flight.
    Tutor Handbook: This booklet contains information for the Canopy Tutor to help prepare for and run a canopy control course for the novice and intermediate skydiving pilot.
  • Team Canopy Training Exercises: by Tim Bates (VPC State Coach Aug 03 - Nov 05) Drop Zone landing areas are like the busiest airports in the country! We survive (busy) DZ landing areas using a combination of skill, communication and luck - which two would you rather rely upon? Some tips for teams to make the most out of their jumps by briefing canopy exercises into the jump from the start.