Insurance Information

The APF does not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence, however the following Insurance programs have been arranged specifically for the APF and its members.


(Automatic upon membership to the APF)

Cover is arranged in relation to damage caused to third party person or property whilst participating in parachuting activities under the definitions in the APF Regulations. This cover only applies to authorised parachute descents from an aircraft. Cost for this insurance is included in membership fees. Excess and policy conditions apply.


Cover for APF Clubs and APF Members can be arranged through our Insurer. For further information, contact Insuranet on 02 6202 3000.


(Optional cover that can be applied for as an APF member)

Provides a range of benefits including capital benefits and non Medicare medical costs resulting from an accident whilst participating in parachuting activity under an APF licence. 
The Product Disclosure Statement must be referred to for full cover details.  
This cover can be applied for at any stage of APF membership via completion of the Personal Accident application form and paying the applicable premium; or, by selecting the personal insurance option on Form M2 renewal at the applicable rate.
Student Parachutist - Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording
Full Licensed Members - Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording
Full Licensed Members - PAI Application Form


Insuranet has secured ATC Insurance Solutions as the underwriter for the APF Gear Insurance Program.

Policy is specifically designed for APF members only to provide an affordable and effective solution for insuring Parachuting equipment. Of special note is the unique “cutaway” endorsement that extends to cover loss or damage of specific items resulting from an emergency “cutaway” event.

Policy features include:

  • Accident Loss or Damage
  • Cutaway endorsement – Limit any one event $5,000
  • Optional International cover extension
  • Policy Excess: $100.00

To apply for this cover, simply  complete the application form and press SUBMIT
Any General Advice in the release does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation and needs. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement before deciding if this product is right for you. 
Please contact Insuranet directly on 02 6202 3000 for all Gear Insurance related information.
Link to PDS
Gear Insurance Application