About the Awards Process

This is a Confidential Process - The information in nominations and referee reports may only be used to help the Awards Committee consider the merits of the nomination. The nominee should not be approached for information or advised of the nomination at any stage. If a nomination isn’t accepted, the reason will not be divulged, except to the Board in confidence. The nominator or council should be notified of the decision but not the details.

Who can be nominated for the service types of awards?

Any individual APF member can be nominated, along with any group member or organisation that has supported parachuting activities.

It's important to bear in mind that, if an award is granted, it's made on behalf of all the members. Nominees should be of good standing and character. Controversy should be avoided. The APF should not be embarrassed and the value of the award should not be undermined.

Members preparing a nomination must note all the Awards Committee assessment guidelines listed below, to ensure the nominee is a worthy recipient.

Who can make an award nomination?

Any individual APF member, APF group member, or APF Area Council can make a nomination. Where possible, award nominations should be supported by an Area Council. If you don’t have a council’s support, the Awards Committee is likely to send it back to appropriate officers of the council for assessment. Councils must respect the confidential nature of nominations and should be tactful in soliciting opinion.

How do you prepare a nomination?

Complete the online nomination form, including: 

  • Summary of nominee's experience and contribution to the APF and/or Parachuting in Australia

  • Outline why the nominee’s contribution is above and beyond what would normally be expected for their role

  • Include email and phone numbers for 4-6 suitable referees that we could contact to get further information about the nominee

The Awards Committee will NOT consider incomplete nominations. 

No matter how well known the nominee is, do not assume that Awards Committee members are aware of their background.

This is deliberately a formal process, to ensure quality nominations and worthy recipients.

The Awards Committee may recommend the nominee for a different award to the award proposed by the nominator.

Nomination Form - Master of Sport Parachuting

Nomination Form - APF service Award


Nomination Form - Honorary Life Membership

Nomination Form - Tim Bates Award

How long does the process take?

It may take up to 3 months for the Awards Committee to contact referees, assess a nomination and make a recommendation to the APF Board. Realistically, you'll need to allow for at least 4 months before a scheduled Board meeting.

Awards Assessment Guidelines

Within these guidelines, the Awards Committee has a degree of discretion. However, it must avoid using such discretion in a way that would 'lower the bar' for APF awards.

  1. Genuine voluntary work is generally regarded higher than paid contributions.
  2. Sustained or long term commitment is usually of greater value than a short term contribution. It's highly unlikely that a single event would warrant a service award.
  3. The quality of the contribution is more important than the time served in a role. The nominee’s input should be demonstrably higher than what’s normally expected for a particular role.
  4. Avoid Controversy. For example, allegations of criminal activity or drug use may jeopardise the nomination, even if it has nothing to do with the nominee's role in the sport.
  5. Award recipients should be of good standing with the APF, not owing any debts to the Federation.
  6. To be consistent in its evaluations, the Awards Committee makes comparisons with previous assessments.
  7. In special cases, the Awards Committee may initiate a nomination itself. If so, it should seek opinion more widely to allow for fact that a council has not considered the nomination. This fact must be revealed to the Board.
  8. The Awards Committee and APF Board are extremely reluctant to consider service awards for serving Board members, employees, or others in appointed APF positions. A nomination would only be considered if it is for a contribution well in excess of what’s normally expected for the role.