Nomination Form - APF Life Time Achievement Award

Recognises multiple significant achievements over many years. The achievements do not need to be done as a volunteer.

Achievements can include:
• Those made whilst employed in the sport that do not qualify for a Service Award.
• Those made whilst employed by APF that do not qualify for a Service Award
• Jumping achievements over and above what is required for an achievement award, and which do not qualify for a Service Award

Who can receive it? Someone who has had at least 20 years as a full term, life or honorary life member. Those 20 years do not need to be consecutive.

There is a cap of three awards being made in any calendar year. There is no requirement to make any awards in any year.

Advice to APF State Committees: State Committees should not discuss nominations in open meetings. 

Please use the form below to nominate your desired candidate and describe below the nominee’s outstanding service and include examples that best show their achievement and contribution to the APF and/or Parachuting in Australia.

APF Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination Form

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