Judging Information

The Judging team are an integral part of supporting our active skydiving competitions. New judges are always welcome and you don’t need to be a skydiver to become a Judge! Contact apf@apf.com.au to get involved.
1. Australian judges need to be full APF members
2. APF pay $216 to judges who judge their local State Championships (to cover their APF membership fee)
3. Priority as a National Championship judge will be provided to those who judge State Championships
4. Priority as a FAI international judge will be provided to those who judge National Championships
5. Nominated FAI international judges will also be added to the Australian NAC.
6. APF also judge with some of the best international judges via online technology
7. Judges are paid a daily fee for their online judging
8. Judges are paid travel and meal allowances for their field judging


CURRENT & ACTIVE JUDGES as of 2023 M/Ship Accuracy (AC) Style (ST) Canopy Piloting (CP) Formation Skydiving (FS) Artistic Events (AE) Canopy Formation (CF) Wingsuit Acrobatic (WSA) Wingsuit Performance (WSP) Speed (SP)
CHALLENOR Wade (QLD) 6/23 Judge     Judge      
LM Judge Judge Judge Judge Judge Judge Judge Judge
DEBLER Johannes (WA) 6/23 Judge  Judge
NEJEDLY Jan (VIC) 6/23  Judge FAI Judge Judge
NIEUWENHOVEN Sandy (SA) 6/23 Judge Judge  Judge Judge Judge