Special Project Funding

APF may from time-to-time sponsor special projects and initiatives that provide significant benefit and value to APF and its members. This funding is discretionary and there is no fixed limit, however the amount of funding sought must align with APF’s budgetary constraints and strategic priorities. The scope of projects and initiatives that may be proposed is vast and APF will consider new or novel ideas that demonstrate a likely benefit.   

  • APF special project funding is allocated at APF discretion and is provided as sponsorship under contract from APF to the applicant. APF does not manage, control, or employ any workers or volunteers for the project. The applicant is responsible for managing the project and complying with relevant local and commonwealth legislation.
  • Applicants must be financial members of APF in good standing and sign an agreement with APF.
  • The application must demonstrate a benefit to APF and its members commensurate with the amount of funding being sought.
  • The proposal must support APF’s strategic objectives.
  • APF special project funding is not intended to support or offset commercial expenses or capital costs related to commercial ventures.
  • The proposal must not have received any other APF funding or sponsorship, except from area councils.
  • Proposals will normally require a clear and significant contribution from the applicant.
  • The proposal may include a loan component being sought from APF.
  • APF may set additional conditions specific to the application for funding and may refuse to issue or recover any funds upon breach of these conditions.

*Repeat applications will generally not be considered for 5 years unless there are exceptional circumstances.


Applications must be no more than 3 pages in length and must clearly outline the proposal demonstrating benefit and value to APF and its members. Please submit your application to apf@apf.com.au so that it may be passed on to the relevant person or committee for review. APF may contact you to request additional information as your application is reviewed.