2021 April 27th Strong Enterprises Service Bulletin SB 35 Tandem Drogue Bridle 3-Ring Attachment Inspection

2021 May 7th Airworthiness Directive UPT Vector 3 SE Parachute Containers

2020 October 6th APF Equipment Standard 081014-G Standard for Emergency Personnel Parachutes

2019 June 14th APF Equipment Standard 14062019-D Compatibility of Components of Parachute Assemblies

2019 March 30th Firebird Product Service Bulletin 2019-01 Reserve pin ripcord assemblies on Firebird EVO Harness 

2019 March 1st MarS Service Bulletin 01/03/2019 Extending the Lifetime of Sporting Parachute Parts to 20 Years  

2019 February 12th APF Equipment Standard 071206-K. Personal Flotation Device 

2019 February 4th Shadow Dog Parachute Riggers Product Advisory 04/02/2019 Rev B SDPR Sigma Type Drogue

2018 December 12th Downward Trend Product Advisory Epic Drogue Kill-Line Calibration

2018 October 23rd Vigil Product Service Bulletin 02/2018 Mandatory Inspection Vigil 2 SN 16000 to 21999 (selected serial numbers) 

2018 October 10th Sunrise Manufacturing International, Inc. SB #081018 RSL with Reserve Boost MARD  

2018 July 19th Parachute Systems PSB 2018-01 D-Bag with removable bridle on Vortex Harness containers manufactured 2nd quarter 2018

2018 July 12th APF Equipment Standard 060307-G Parachutist Single Point Restraint [Installation instructions (Ver 3) for P/N G025]  

2018 July 9th APF Equipment Standard 081014-E. Standard for Emergency Personnel Parachutes  (Superseded by 081014-F)

2018 May 8th Parachutes Australia SB9502 Rev. 3 Service Life for Parachutes Australia Brand Equipment

2018 April 27th APF Equipment Standard 021201-C  Parachute Equipment Brought into Australia which has been Packed Overseas

2018 April 19thAdvanced Aerospace Designs (AAD) PSB 01/2018 Vigil AAD Firmware Update & High Altitude Jumps

2018 April 10th  UPDATE to Advanced Aerospace Designs Product Advisory ADV-01-2018 Battery Replacement Vigil 1 AADs

2018 April 11th APF Equipment Standard 010901-C Equipment Owned by Visiting Foreign Jumpers 

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