Rigging Advisory Circulars


  1. Licencing - Packers And Riggers
  2. Standards - Equipment
  3. Parachute Canopies
  4. Parachute Harnesses And Containers
  5. Ripcords, Static Lines, Handles
  6. Deployment Devices
  7. Instruments
  8. Hardware And Release Devices

Licencing - Packers And Riggers

Rigging Advisory Circulars 100-199 cover Licencing - Packers And Riggers  

RAC Description Issue Date
101B Guide to the APF Rigger Examination 1st June 2003
102 withdrawn (May 2003)
103A APF Recognition Of Foreign Parachute Packer & Rigger Qualifications 1st December 1988
104 (reserved)
105 withdrawn (Sept 2001 – superseded by SB-APF010801-C)
106A Required records and documentation of parachute packing 1st January 1990
107A Manufacturer's product service bulletin format 1st January 1990
108 withdrawn (superceded by APF SB No 081014)
109A Exemption from revalidation exam 1st July 1997

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Standards - Equipment

Rigging Advisory Circulars 200-299 cover Standards - Equipment

RAC Description Issue Date
201 withdrawn (superceded by APF SB 081014)
202C PIA parachute canopy volume, area & weight 1st February 1995
203B APF policy for determining in-service life for parachute equipment 1st July 1995
204 withdrawn (superceded by APF SB 081014) 2nd May 1990
205 withdrawn (superceded by APF SB 081014)
206 withdrawn (20 Oct 2004)
207A Standardised nomenclature for ram-air inflated gliding wings 1st November 1986
208 withdrawn (18 Aug 1993)
209 withdrawn (18 Aug 1993)
210 withdrawn (18 Aug 1993)
211 withdrawn (superceded by APF SB 081014)
Equipment defect reporting 12th September 2016
213A Parachute canopy fabric tensile strength, non-destructive test method 1st December 1989
214A Testing of parachute canopy material for acid contamination 1st December 1989
215A withdrawn (superceded by APF ES 14062019)
216 withdrawn (Dec 2000)
217A withdrawn (Feb 2015) (Recommended lifetime on Vector Tandem components- see UPT web site)
218B CASA tandem parachute approval 1st December 1995
219A Parachute Inspection Certificate 18th August 1993
220 withdrawn (superceded by APF SB 081014)
221 withdrawn (Dec 1988)
222B APF Design Standard for flag assemblies 1st July 1995
223A Parachute Shop Southern Africa equipment 1st February 1995
224 withdrawn (superceded by APF SB 081014)
225E Register of missing equipment 1st July 1997
226 withdrawn (Sept 2001)
227A Reserve parachutes fitted with an AAD 1st July 1997

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Parachute Canopies

Rigging Advisory Circulars 300-399 cover Standards - Equipment

RAC Description Issue Date
301A Steering toggles 1st November 1985
302 withdrawn (superceded by PA SB9403)
303A GQ Security reserve canopies 1st November 1985
304A Swift reserve recall notice 30th January 1986
305A Phantom diaper design change 1st March 1986
306A Slider stop check 1st August 1986
307A Pioneer reserve conversion to 4 risers 1st November 1986
308 withdrawn (Dec 1998)
309A Pioneer parachutes with dacron lines 1st November 1985
310A Rayder canopy (MR1 GQ 1265) 4th July 1986
311 withdrawn (01 Dec 1991 - superceded by RAC 322)
312 withdrawn (Dec 2002)
313B Sea-pocket removal 1st July 1995
314 withdrawn (01 Dec 1991 - superceded by RAC 322)
315B Phantom reserve kevlar reinforcing bands 1st July 1988
316A Finite life GQ emergency parachutes
317A Relative Workshop Tandem double-brake system 1st July 1988
318 withdrawn (01 Dec 1991 - superceded by RAC 322)
319 withdrawn (18 Aug 93 - superceded by RAC 217 - in turn withdrawn Feb 2015 superceded by UPT PSB 081893)
320A Riser brake locks - specifications 1st January 1990
321A Pintail main parachutes 1st December 1991
322C Parachute canopies and components subject to deterioration due to acid mesh 1st May 1998
323 (withdrawn - superceded by PA SB9202)
324A Pioneer Hi-Lifter Tandem canopy reinforcement 18th August 1993
325A Raven reserve 'Bikini' slider 18th August 1993
326 (withdrawn - superceded by PA SB9301)
327A Strong Enterprises: Defective Slider Stops 3rd December 1993
328C Glide Path Nova canopy recall 9th February 1994
329A Swift Plus Reserves with Spectra-lines 9th February 1994
330A Parachutes de France canopy line inspection 1st November 1994

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Parachute Harnesses And Containers

Rigging Advisory Circulars 400-499 cover Standards - Equipment

RAC Description Issue Date
401A Marking chest reserve containers
402A Strong Enterprises: Starlite Tandem, Universal Tandem and Combination Tandem 1st November 1985
403A SST reserve housing modification 1st November 1985
404A Classifier/Top Secret container system line stowage advisory 1st November 1985
405A Warp III modification advisory 1st November 1985
406A Strong Enterprises Combination Tandem reserve ripcord housing clamp 1st November 1985
407A Sky Supplies Mirage container modification 1st November 1985
408A Classifier reserve special notice 1st November 1985
409A Para-Phernalia Northern Lite III curved pin advisory 1st July 1986
410A Centaurus recall 1st July 1986
411 (withdrawn Dec 1998)
412 (reserved)
413 (withdrawn - superceded by PA SB8702)
414A Vector reserve pin protector flap mod. for CRW 1st July 1987
415 (withdrawn - superceded by PA SB8802)
416A SST Racer service bulletin 1st April 1988
417A Security 150, 250 and 350 Safety Chute securing of raw edge of riser web turnbacks 1st July 1988
418A Security 150, 250 and 350 Safety Chute fitting of riser covers 1st July 1988
419A Relative Workshop Tandem Vector harness leg strap/main lift web stitching 1st January 1990
420A National Parachute Industries Mirage harness/container main and reserve risers 1st January 1990
421A Cross connectors for front mounted reserve parachutes 1st January 1990
422A Sweethog Duece 2-pin reserve container-addition of reserve ripcord housing stiffener plate 1st December 1991
423C AAD's on Tandem parachutes 11th November 2003
424 (withdrawn - superseded by PA SB9302)
425A Closing loops and backing washers 18th August 1993
426A Teardrop and Zerox steering line guide rings 1st August 1994
427A Parachutes de France product service bulletins 1st August 1994
428A Cypres installation for Flexon & '94 Talon 1st February 1995
429A Strong Dual Hawk Tandem updates mandated 1st February 1995
430A Parachutes De France Atom harness inspection 1st July 1995
431A Dual Hawk Tandem Main Riser replacement 1st May 1996
432 (withdrawn - superceded by PA SB9701)
433A (withdrawn May 2010 – superseded by SB-APF100520)
434A Vector Tandem Diagonal zig-zag Inspection & reinforcement 21st July 1997

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Ripcords, Static Lines, Handles

Rigging Advisory Circulars 500-599 cover Ripcords, Static Lines, Handles

RAC Description Issue Date
501A APF policy on 'blast handles 1st November 1985
502B Maximum pull-force for reserve and emergency parachute activation devices 1st January 1990
503A Chest Parachute Ripcords 1st November 1985
504A Talon reserve ripcord inspection 1st April 1987
505A Mirage and Magic reserve ripcord 1st July 1987
506C Reserve ripcord handle material) 1st July 1988
507 (withdrawn - superceded by PA SB8803)
508A Cracked ripcord pins: Northern Lite III reserve ripcord 1st December 1991
509A Pull out pilot-chute (POP) modification
510 (withdrawn - superceded by PA SB9203)

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Deployment Devices

Rigging Advisory Circulars 600-699 cover Deployment Devices

RAC Description Issue Date
601A APF Policy on bridle cords 1st November 1985
602A Para-Flite reserve 'Safety Stow' 1st April 1987
603A Static-line assisted pilot chute deployment 1st April 1987
604A Relative Workshop Tandem Vector drogue bridle stop tab modification 1st February 1990
605C Talon Skyhook pilot chute 1st May 2004
606 (withdrawn - superceded by PA SB9101)
607 (withdrawn - superceded by PA SB9702)
608A Vector Tandem Double-Ended Drogue Release Riser Closing Loop 1st May 1998
609A Vector Tandem Automatic Riser Release Lanyard Installation “Collins Lanyard” 1st May 1998

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Rigging Advisory Circulars 700-799 cover Instruments

RAC Description Issue Date
701 withdrawn 15 Nov 92
702 withdrawn 15 Nov 92
703 withdrawn 9 Feb 94
704 withdrawn product no longer in service
705 withdrawn 9 Feb 94
706 withdrawn 9 Feb 94
707 withdrawn 9 Feb 94
708 withdrawn, CYPRES servicing now addresses requirement
709 withdrawn - superceded by FXC SB 15 Nov 92
710 withdrawn - superceded by Strong Enterprises SB
711 withdrawn, problem an isolated incident

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Hardware And Release Devices

Rigging Advisory Circulars 800-899 cover Hardware and Release Devices

RAC Description Issue Date
801A APF Policy on 'speedlinks' 1st November 1985
802A APF Policy on 'rapide links'
803A Advanced Air Sports 3-ring riser inspection 1st November 1985
804A (withdrawn Aug 2001 – see SB-APF010801-C)
805B MS 70101 warning notice 1st July 1988
806 (withdrawn Aug 2001 – see SB-APF010801-C)
807 (withdrawn Aug 2001 – see SB-APF010801-C)
808 (withdrawn Aug 2001 – see SB-APF010801-C)
809B Replacing the RW-1-82/83 rings 1st January 1990
810B Lanyard release - student piggyback systems 1st October 1988
811 (withdrawn Aug 2001 – see SB-APF010801-C)
812A Northern Light - release inspection 1st April 1986
813 (withdrawn 1 Dec 98)
814A Roochutes 1" wide main riser recall 1st December 1991
815A Type 17 (1") risers with Reserve Static Line (RSL) configuration 28th May 1992
816A Strong Tandem main riser damage 14th November 1991
817A MS 22040 inspection 18th August 1993
818C Jump Shack Racer/Elite RSL Retro-fit 1st September 1995
819A TSE Tear Drop & Chaser RSL Retro-fit 1st May 1991
820A Relative Workshop Vector RSL Retro-fit 3rd December 1993
821 (withdrawn - superseded by PA SB9401)
822A Javelin Reserve Static Line 17th January 1994
823B Generic one pin reserve RSL Retro-fit 1st July 1997
824A Jump Shack SST/Racer RSL Retro-fit 1st November 1994
825A 3-Ring Release Cable trim procedure 1st July 1997

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