What I need to know


Don’t worry about going to the drop zone by yourself! Everyone is in the same boat, and you’ll quickly become a part of the community. You’ll make new friends that all share the same passion.


At the start, like any sport, the cost can be very off-putting. The good news is once you’ve completed your course, have your license and bought your own gear, skydiving becomes a lot cheaper. Licensed skydivers pay on average $40 per jump in Australia.


Skydiving is a weather dependant activity. You will need the right weather conditions in order to safely carry out your skydiving course as a novice jumper. Be prepared to wait around for suitable conditions. Use your time on the ground wisely - go through your next jump in your head until it is second nature, make friends & learn to pack your parachute.


Don’t be discouraged if you need to repeat a stage during your course. Your safety is paramount. Your instructors need to be sure you can perform tasks safely before progressing you onto the next stage. Dust yourself off and try again. Listen to what your instructor says and remember to ask any questions if you don’t understand. There are plenty of athletes on the Australian Parachute Team that had to repeat stages - so don’t let it get you down!


Don’t leave it too long between drop zone visits. You will progress and learn much faster if you do not leave long periods of time between each jump. This is the same for skydivers of any experience level. More currency in the sport = faster progression.

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