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Previous recipients

2017 Kate Vaughan

Kate Vaughan

- Career Pathway category: To partake in the International Coaching Federation (ICF) coach accreditation course to improve coaching, leadership and public speaking skills in the skydiving community, with a continued focus on female

 participation growth and retention.

2018 Kristina Hicks

Kristina Hicks

- Career Pathway category: To develop leadership potential and create a career pathway in skydiving by completing a Graduate Certificate in Sports Coaching at The University of Queensland. To help promote, encourage and foster talent for women and men in skydiving, develop inclusive coaching practices and to assist in identifying the issues that do prevent female retention and allow for scope on providing strategies to overcome these issues.

2019 Not granted

2020 Jodie Mayo

Jodie Mayo

- Career Pathway category: To partake in an in-sky photography/videography coaching program to produce content for use in both print and digital media platforms to assist in the goal of retaining and growing female membership. 

2021 Emily Brougham

Emily Brougham

- Career Pathway category: To complete a Graduate Certificate in Educational Neuroscience at CQ University so she can help people in our sport enhance their learning experiences and provide individuals with an optimal learning environment. This knowledge will also be a beneficial tool for current and future instructors to improve their own teaching skills.

2021 Ben Cove

Ben Cove

- Research Funding recipient: An evidence based survey report on the factors affecting women in skydiving; in particular the barriers to entry, progression and ultimately understand why they choose to exit the sport. This study will provide an evidence-based process for the APF, drop zones and coaches in developing future women's specific programs.

2022 Molly Gilfillan

Molly Gilfillan 2022.jpg 

- Career Pathway category - to undertake three formal training courses on female coaching and retention in sport. To then use new knowledge to document a report to APF on the barriers that exist preventing women from taking up leadership positions in our sport and enable Molly herself to better support women in achieving coaching and leadership positions in skydiving.

2023 Harriette Fleming

harriette fleming

Career Pathway: to undertake a Sports Psychology certificate, focusing on empowering women in skydiving by enhancing self-motivation. Harriet specifically will be targeting early intervention strategies post AFF.