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Last updated 29 May 2024

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April 2024 saw the return of Revive Boogie in South Australia, back for a second year with another epic line up of coaches. Here's an insight into what went down at the South Australian event of the year, and why Revive should be on your calendar for 2025.

What is Revive?

The South Australian Sport Parachute Club (SASPC) hosted its second annual Revive Boogie at the Lower Light Drop Zone last month. Revive was created by the SASPC just one year ago in 2023, with the mission to revive the sports skydiving scene in South Australia and put SA back on the map. And that was certainly achieved. As the annual opportunity for SA jumpers to be reinvigorated with incredible coaches, Revive 2024 was definitely not one to be missed, attracting locals and interstate jumpers alike, with the Darwin Parachute Club (DPC) crew driving all the way down from the NT, caravans and horse trailers in tow!

DPC at Revive by Matty Walker

The Line Up

After a ripper line up last year, the 2024 line up included a stellar group of new and returning interstate coaches, along with the introduction of an international coach on the cards!

Michael 'Woody' Smart returned for all things wingsuiting, alongside the best brothers in the freefly business, Jeremy and Vincent Brazier, and the flat flying queen Kristina Hicks, all returning for a second year! Kristina was joined by SA Coach Thomas Waterhouse in the flat flying department, and the Brazier brothers were joined by not one, not two, but three more coaches to make up the freefly and angles conglomerate; Doni Gales and Josh Arndt from XRG Flight Club and Norway's finest, Petter Stensfold.

After Cameron Puttee had to unfortunately pull out due to an injury, Matty Walker was joined by Tommy Sierra and Simon Generowicz behind the lens(es), providing the goods for SA's Studio Tulum to whip up epic day tapes for the five days of Caravan jumping.

Revive Caravan by Matty Walker

Day 1

Day 1 started with some low cloud lingering around, which was an indication of what to expect for the first three days weather wise. Once it cleared up however, 11 loads were sent in total, with Load 1 of the boogie kicking off with Vincent Brazier’s angle group, Thomas Waterhouse with a hoop jump, and Petter taking a mixed head up/head down group for a burn. The big win for Wednesday was Sam Carey and Holly Plumridge getting their head up crests!

Revive HU by Matty Walker

Day 2

Day 2 was similar in weather to the previous day and to the surprise of everyone, some of the DPC crew made it on to Load 1 for a tube jump with Thomas leading and Simon on camera. Thursday also saw lots of freefly and angle jumps and some awesome bigger way wingsuit jumps taking place, led by the legendary Woody.

Revive Tube by Simon Geronimo

Day 3

Day 3 bought Starcrest Day! Kristina kicked off Load 1 with her starcrest group, completing the first of nine signed starcrest jumps across the event. It also bought the Womens HU Record attempts, some more wingsuit big ways, and of course, more ripper angles.

Revive Star Crest by Simon Geronimo

Day 4

Day 4 was clearer weather wise, with a total of 15 loads completed. Load 1 kicked off with an attempt to break the SA flat record – currently sitting at 10, the group aimed for 11 but one jumper took a detour and went a bit lower than expected! Along with the awesome flat flying, the wingsuit crew were still going hard, along with the free flyers still shredding. Saturday also marked party night, with a Pirate theme and after a big jump day, the total cases for the night was 46, which is quite a feat! The incredible costumes on display topped that feat however, some homemade, some bought, all excellent in execution.

Revive HD by Matty Walker

Day 5

Day 5 started slow given the party the night before, but there were a dedicated group of flat flyers determined to beat the SA record that were up bright and early. Combined with a surprise for Josh Arndt (morning mate, you’re on first load!), we managed 6 loads before an unfortunate shut down due to Air Traffic Control. The night finished with the day tape, a sunset fire and a delicious dinner by the caterers, who deserve an extra special mention for all of the mouth-watering, delicious meals they provided throughout the event.

Revive Canopy by Matty Walker

Thank You's

A massive shout out is due for all the event sponsors, without whom events like this really could not happen:

SA Sport Parachute Club, Skydive Australia, Adelaide Skydiving Centre, Australian Parachute Federation, South Australian Parachute Council, iFly Gold Coast and iFly Downunder, XRG Flight Club, APX Suits, JYRO, Sun Path Products, United Parachute Technologies and Infinity by Velocity Rigs.

Revive Sit Fly by Matty Walker

A huge thank you also goes out to everyone involved behind the scenes making this event what it is:

The SASPC committee members, all the volunteers who gave their time and effort working up to the event at the busy bee, the amazing caterers working tirelessly to serve absolutely incredible meals, Scott Hiscoe hooking jumpers up with the JYRO demo canopies, the DZSOs, GCAs, packers and pilot, Chief Instructor Richard, the coaches and camera flyers, Studio Tulum, manifest mastermind Carly, ground photographer Struan Roxborough, MCs Niall Saunders and Jack Lawrence, Gem Hodges for her contribution to this article, DJ Teags, again, all of the event sponsors, and of course, the jumpers!

Revive Landing by Matty Walker

After an epic boogie and some time to wind down and return to "normal" life, the countdown is on for Revive 2025!

Thanks to Gem Hodges for her contribution to this article.

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[Photo Sources: SASPC, Matty Walker, Simon Generowicz]