ABW Bigway Camp (Up to 15 ways)

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Australian Skydive - Torquay

325 Blackgate road Torquay, VIC, VIC, Australia


25-26 Jun 2022

ABW Bigway Camp (Up to 15 ways)

This is a “come and have fun event”.


Join us for two days and learn how to:
· Stack-up outside the plane on exit with 5 others
· Exit in a float line
· Exit as a diver
· For the more experienced, improve your late diving
· Identify the base
· Intercept the base
· Approach the base on your radial
· Approach the base without “going low”
· How to be closer without being faster
· Flying you slot without grips
· Transitioning to a second or third point within safety limits
· Tracking
· Landing patterns
· Landing with 15 others
· Safety under canopy


This event will help you learn how to build points within a 15-way group and provide a pathway to progress and join Advanced Oz and Ultra Oz invitational events.


Coach: Janine "J9" Hayes


Sponsors: Generously sponsored by Australian Parachute Federation (APF), Victorian - Tasmanian Parachute Council (VTPC) and Australian Skydive (Torquay).


Eligibility: Sport jumpers who have their Starcrest certification, and can demonstrate the ability to fly relative to others on exit, in freefall and under canopy. Prior P3 event participation will be looked at favourably.


Registration: Registration is achieved by emailing Brad; eligibility will be determined by fulfilment of the relevant criteria and time-based registration. Upon notification of application acceptance, the registration fee of $20 (for both days) is payable. It is allocated for payment of coaching. Cancellation within 7 days of the event will forfeit the registration. It is payable to:
Bank: NAB
Acc Name: Brad Trevena
BSB: 083-321
Acc#: 171663941
Ref: “15Way-(your name)”


Any contact should be to:
Brad Trevena
Mob: 0455 239 539
Email: abwvicteam@gmail.com

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