Advanced Angle Camp

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Skydive Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay DZ Jurien Bay WA, WA, Australia


2-4 Jul 2022

Advanced Angle Camp

Advanced Angle Camp at Jurien Bay

  • Groups of 6 including coach
  • Must have
    • Star Crest
    • Head Up Crest
    • Head Down Crest
  • Able to fly all orientations in groups
    • Head up back and belly
    • Head down back and belly
  • Able to fly through the Vertical (Back to belly, belly to back)
  • Able to fly through the horizontal (Head down to head up, Head down to head up)
  • Must have free-fly friendly gear (any questions or concerns about these please contact us)
    • Secure riser covers
    • Secure reserve pin flap
    • Secure main pin flap
    • Tight BOC
    • Audible Altimeter
    • Pud with tuck tab
    • Harness Bungee
  • Valid APF Membership in date
  • Reserve in date




    • Vincent Brazier
    • Jeremy Brazier
    • Craig Allender


Registration will be $75 per day. Payment can be made once we confirm your slot. First in best dressed!

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