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The Australian Parachute Federation has several awards available to recognize our highest achieving members. Whether it's in the sky, on the DZ, or at administrative level, we believe that those that make the most outstanding contributions to the sport should be honoured for their efforts.

Nominations for APF Service and Master of Sport Parachuting Awards and Honorary Life Memberships can be made at anytime. Nominations for the Tim Bates Award must be received before 28th February, 2022 for consideration to present at the 2022 regional conferences.

The APF Service Award

Recognises outstanding contribution in the service of sport parachuting.

Nomination Form - APF service Award

The APF Master of Sport Parachuting

Is the APF's highest honour, awarded in recognition of great personal achievement in any field of sport parachuting. It may only be awarded by a unanimous decision of the Board.

Nomination Form - Master of Sport Parachuting

Honorary Life Membership of the APF

Recognises exemplary and outstanding service in any capacity.

Nomination Form - Honorary Life Membership

*Nominations for the three awards listed above are assessed by the Awards Committee and then considered by the APF Board. Most of the information listed on this site relates to these three awards.

APF Achievement Award

Recognises outstanding personal achievement by an APF member in:

  1.     Skydiving performance - as:

a. a holder of a national or international record, or
b. a medal recipient at an *FAI First Category Event, or
c. a worthy achievement approved by the APF Board

*These are generally World Cups or World Championship events.

2.    Judging - as an APF Judge selected to judge at an FAI First Category Event (Note: These are generally World Cup or World Championship Events). Nominations are presented to the Board via a report from the National Judging Officer or National Competitions Officer.

3.     Other - as a member who has made a valuable and significant contribution to the Federation (Note: This award may apply for a single significant achievement, unlike the Service Award which tends to reflect sustained service). Nominations are presented to the Board via the Awards Committee.

Achievement Awards are subject to the formal approval of the Board, taking into account the criteria and nomination procedures listed above.

Tim Bates Award for the Outstanding Skydiver of the Year

Created initially by Tim's family, the annual award recognises an outstanding APF member for their passion, ability, input, excellence and contribution. Nominations are sought from members at large. All nominations are assessed and a recipient is determined by a committee comprising the Bates family, the Awards Committee and the previous year's winner.

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Nomination Form - Tim Bates Award for the Outstanding Skydiver of the Year

Non APF Awards

The APF encourages Area Councils to establish their own award programs. We also urge members to nominate our high achievers for non APF awards, such as those offered by state or local governments.

For national awards, like the Australia Day Honours, the Awards Committee can help with preparation of your nomination. We’d also do this for an FAI or IPC nomination if we believe it’s appropriate. If you want the APF to be the official nominator for such an award, you’d need to bring it to the Awards Committee and allow us plenty of time to assess it.