What is the Awards Committee?

The Awards Committee is appointed by the Board to assess nominations for APF awards and some non-APF awards. The Awards Committee is responsible for:

  • Reviewing assessment guidelines
  • Communicating awards information to members.
  • Ensuring the APF Office maintains an updated register of awards

Details of the Awards Committee members can be found in the list of Appointees and Committees page. CLICK HERE

The Awards Committee will provide a confidential, written recommendation to the board, and, where its decision is not unanimous, that fact will also be revealed to the board.

The information in nominations and referee reports may only be used to help the Awards Committee consider the merits of the nomination. The nominee should not be approached for information or advised of the nomination at any stage.

If a nomination isn’t accepted, the reason will not be divulged, except to the Board in confidence. The nominator or council should be notified of the decision but not the details.