Accuracy Landing (AL)


Also known as Precision Accuracy this discipline tests the skill of piloting technique and analysis of weather conditions. 

The aim is for each competitor to land their parachute as closely as they can to the target. 

Competitors exit the aircraft from approximately 3,000 feet and immediately open their parachute.

They aim to place their heel on a target 2cm in diameter (the size of a 5 cent coin) in the middle of a 16cm electronic disc that is centrally located on a large inflatable 'tuffet'.

A dead centre score is 0cm and the aim is to score as low as possible over 10 rounds of competition.

In an international competition the first 8 rounds are open to all competitors, then the top 50% make it through to the semi-final round, and the top 25% go through to the final round.

The winner of the event is the competitor who has achieved the lowest score over 10 rounds.

🎥 Watch Classic Accuracy footage from 2013 Dubai International Parachuting Cup HERE


Minimum experience requirement: Certificate A