Artistic Events (AE)

Artistic Events (AE)

This is sky dancing - competitors perform aerial acrobatic routines in freefall. A team videographer flies in three dimensions to capture the performance of the team.

In competition there are seven rounds made up of compulsory manoeuvres and free routines. Teams have 45 seconds for each jump round and are judged on technical difficulty, fluidity, style and presentation.



2 performers and 1 videographer make up the team. Free routine choreography is made up entirely by the imagination of the team.

Performers fly on every axis of their body executing a combination of linked acrobatic manoeuvres and simultaneous moves side by side.

🎥 Watch footage from top performing teams at the 2018 World Parachuting Championships HERE

🏅 Meet the Artistic Freefly Australian Team HERE



1 performer and 1 videographer make up the team. The performance is a dynamic flow incorporating aerobatic moves with the videographer and performer working together to create their routine. The beauty of freestyle is the team has the option to create their own routine whether that be a flowy dynamic with technical camera work or more dance oriented.

Technical difficulty, originality and a performance with minimal technical errors is what the competitors are trying to present to the judges for the best scores in competition.

🎥 Watch former World Champion team 'Ash & Jon' training for the 2018 World Parachuting Championships HERE

🎥 Watch footage from top performing teams at the 2018 World Parachuting Championships HERE

The following are example videos by US Freestyle team Axiom XP of all the compulsory sequences that are documented in pages 62-91 of the APF Sporting Code.

Example Compulsory Routine

FR 1 - Eagle Sequence

FR2 - Carving Sequence

FR3 - Horizontal Twisting Sequence

FR4 - Looping Sequence

FR5 - Reverse Eagle Sequence

FR6 - Angle Flying

FR7 - Cartwheel Sequence

FR8 - Head-Up Straddle Spins

Minimum experience requirement: Certificate B