The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a number of skydiving businesses creating online webinars and chatrooms for virtual learning - while we can't participate in the sport that we love we can still connect with our sky family. 

Below are recordings of these webinars and chatrooms. Subscribe to Youtube and Facebook pages to join in on the live sessions.

Australian Parachute Federation

✈  2022 APF Online Conference - Different Tools for Different Trades by Scotty Bob

✈  2022 APF Online Conference - Canopy Piloting Confidence & Decision Making by Jules McConnel OAM

✈  ON HOLD’S 'Breathing mechanics' with Michael Crush

✈  ON HOLD’S 'Currency and retraining' with Dan BC from Skydive Perris

✈  ON HOLD’S ‘Rigging Snippet' with Brett Newman from Downward Trend

✈  ON HOLD’S 'Canopy Hour' with Albert Berchtold (from Performance Designs), Ronnie Perry & Andrew 'Angry' Woolf

✈  ON HOLD'S Currency & COVID-19 rating and endorsement extensions with Charl Rootman & Jules McConnel

  ON HOLD'S Q&A with Douggs

✈  ON HOLD'S Fitness & Injury Prevention in Skydiving with Luke Everett & Sally Baker

✈  ON HOLD’S Canopy Hour (round 2!) with Albert Berchtold from Performance Designs

✈  ON HOLD’S Marketing Skydiving Events with Sonya Gelman 

✈  ON HOLD’S How Data is Impacting the Sport with Dekunu's Brent Chandler 

✈  ON HOLD’S Skydiving in Extreme Conditions with Tom Noonan 

✈  ON HOLD’S Tom Noonan - Post COVID-19 Tandem Skydiving

✈  ON HOLD’S Steve Fitch - Flying Camera

✈  ON HOLD’S Melissa Harvie & Mason Corby: Student to Skydiver - How hard can it be?

✈  ON HOLD’S Chris Schindler - Jump Run Emergencies

✈  ON HOLD'S Fun Jumper Special with Mike Tibbitts

✈  ON HOLD’S Getting back in the Air (Charl Rootman) 

✈  ON HOLD’S Prototype Canopy Development - Chris Brook

✈  ON HOLD’S Bringing Your Gear Out of Lockdown with Brett Newman from Downward Trend


✈  ON HOLD’S Interpreting Weather For Skydivers with Bureau Of Meteorology

✈  ON HOLD’S Canopy Flight and the Flow State with Jesse Warren from High Fly Australia

✈  ON HOLD’S Intro to Tracking with Andrew Keir from AWOL

✈  ON HOLD’S with Brian Germain

✈  ON HOLD’S Coaching -How Can You Make a Difference?

🏅 APT Virtual Camp Bio-Mechanics with Dan Tait

🏅 APT Virtual Camp Sport Psychology with Kirsten Peterson

🏅 APT Virtual Camp Physiology and Injury Prevention with Dan Tait

🏅 APT Virtual Camp Athlete Sponsorship with Vickie Saunders

🏅 APT Virtual Camp Sport Nutrition with Michelle Minehan

🏅 APT Virtual Camp Sport Nutrition with Michelle Minehan - Session 2

🏅 APT Virtual Camp Self Compassion and Resilience with Kirsten Peterson

🏅 APT Virtual Camp Athlete Sponsorship with Vickie Saunders - Session 2

🏅 APT Virtual Camp Athlete Sponsorship Q&A with Vickie Saunders - Session 3

🎐 Freefly Fundamentals How to Backfly

🎐 Freefly Fundamentals How to Transition to Sitfly

🎐 Freefly Fundamentals How to Sitfly

Pathways & opportunities in support of competition participation, sports development & events, by Jules McConnel & Melissa Harvie

Incident and accident overviews: Review, lessons, legal ramifications, by Ria Peck & Charl Rootman

APF Regulatory changes: How it affects members. Recent and upcoming changes by Wade Challenor

Equipment choices affect outcomes. Are your choices the safest for YOU? By Brett Newman

Parachute and equipment considerations for Wingsuiting, by Luke Rogers


The virtual DZ bonfire

🔥  All About Levels with Roberto Hernández (Manfi)
🔥  Problem solving and solutions in skydiving with Tom Bake
🔥  Ask me anything with Jesse “Tex” Leos & Luis Adolfo Lopez Mendez
🔥  DZ Bonfire Webinar: Melanie Curtis - Identifying Fear and Clarifying Values

Performance Designs

🛩   PD Facebook Live with Doug Barron 'Coming back from an Injury'
🛩   PD Facebook Live: Canopy Etiquette with Julian Barthel
🛩   The Road To National Champions
🛩   Tip Tuesday: The Importance of Canopy Coaching
🛩   Facebook Live Q+A with #PDathlete Luis Prinetto
🛩   Cameraflying Q&A with Roy Wimmer-Jaglom
🛩   Flocking with Matt Leonard

Icarus Canopies by NZ Aerosports

🌈 Quarantine & Chill with Chris, Max, Tom & Matt (Part 1)
🌈  Quarantine & Chill with Chris, Max, Tom & Matt - Part 2
🌈  Woogie Webinar: Karine, Greg & All things French
🌈  Woogie Webinar: All Things Hayabusa
🌈  Woogie Webinar: Catching up with Roy Janssen
🌈  Woogie Webinar: Mason Corby & Headup Tracking (Part 1)
🌈  Woogie Webinars: Mason & Headup4dayz Vol2
🌈  Woogie Webinar: Matt, Nic & Wingsuiting!
🌈  Icarus Testies Webinar 30.3.2020
🌈  Kian Bullock’s Guide to Taking Great Photos
  Woogie Webinar: CRW with Jules McConnel

AECorona Days - Artistic events

🤘   AECoronaDayz - Kyra and Toms
🤘   AE Corona Dayz - Rafael Schwaiger
🤘   AECoronaDays - Yo, Will and Jimbo

Skydive Perris

☀️  The value of VISUALIZATION. A webinar with Dan BC and the Women’s Skydiving Network.
☀️  For your quarantined viewing pleasure… Dan BC’s Keynote address at the 2013 PIA Symposium
☀️  Dan BC's Safety Day Video

Tora Tora

🌴 Pete Allum - A series of fortunate events

🌴 Domitille Kiger - How can we teach better?

Skydive Mag

Wingsuit Openings

2021 Safety Seminar Series, Skydive Vancouver Island

A review of Tandem Emergency Procedures for the Sigma Tandem System presented by UPT Tandem Examiner Erika Dufort-Lefrancois

APF YouTube

APF YouTube

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