Mentor Program

The new approach to Mentoring is fully inclusive and built on a community mentoring culture with a focus on one-off guidance, access to information and support for goal setting and action steps. 

What are we aiming for? 

For all members, inclusive to all genders, disciplines, locations, and age groups, to:

  • Meet people, be included, and have fun
  • Connect with opportunities and plan next steps
  • Access the means to learn and develop new skills, perform, and succeed in competition  

How will it work?

The Mentor program will provide all members with access to resources, information, goal setting and community support to have more fun, be included and succeed in the sport. 

The focus is on local support and information sharing in the community, rather than a formal, structured mentoring program.

A Mentor Register 

  • With information of members offering mentoring support who can be contacted directly for questions and discussion.  Some will also offer broader goal setting support. 

DZ Photo Boards 

  • Maintained at DZ’s to make it easy to identify local mentors and discipline specialists.

DZ Mentoring Culture 

  • All members are encouraged to have a Mentoring Mindset, to mentor each other in the moment.

Regular webinars for Mentors and Members 

  • All Mentors will attend an initial briefing webinar to connect with their role and share resources.  
  • Regular webinars will be held for Mentors to share their experience and learn from others.
  • Regular webinars will be held for all members to learn from a Mentor or expert on a popular topic. 

Access to resources

  • A resource bank of information will be built up to help all members access the tools, techniques, coaching, events, and funding available in the sport.

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”- John Crosby

How can you help build a Mentoring Culture now?

Start your mentoring journey by looking for opportunities to help others in small ways and grow the mentoring culture at your DZ.

It just takes a mentoring mindset.  In the moment, we can all be mentors, no matter how much experience we have. 

Picture the scene, you are at the dirt box when the wind comes up and you can see someone starting to look worried.  You can be that person who simply steps forward, not to tell the person what to do, but to show an interest, help them understand what they are feeling so they can reach their own decision on whether to jump or not.

You may connect them with an instructor who could understand their situation and offer advice.  

This is mentoring, on the ground, moment by moment.  It works by being aware, not ignoring situations that could become problems later, and helping someone find a way to their own solution.  

It only takes a moment to help someone and guide them to the advice they need. 

Interested in becoming a Mentor?

The registration process will be live soon.  

For all those wonderful mentors who have supported the WIAS program, we will be asking you to confirm your interest in supporting this new approach.  

If you are interested in becoming a registered mentor, please contact Brigitte Jones for more information