5 Things All Newly Certified Skydivers Need To Know

Last updated 06 Sep 2023

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A Licence in the bag? Here are some tips for you!

A License Skydiver in Australia 

1) Community

Don't be afraid of visiting new drop zones by yourself - especially ones that have events catered to your skill level. Check out the Calendar of Skydiving Events all around Australia and get involved! It's a good idea to call ahead if you are planning on visiting a new drop zone, and make sure you remember to take your licence and log book.

2) Cost

At the start, like any sport, the cost can be very off-putting. The good news is once you've completed your B-Rels and have bought your own gear, skydiving becomes a lot cheaper. Licensed skydivers pay on average $40 to $55 per jump in Australia, with some drop zones offering discounts if tickets are purchased in bulk. 

3) Weather

As you already know, skydiving is a weather dependent activity, so be prepared to wait around for suitable conditions. Use your time on the ground wisely - go through your next jump in your head until it is second nature, learn more about your gear, or practise packing!

4) Progression

B-Rels! If you don't know already, B-Rels are jumps with an instructor or coach, which will prepare you to fly safely with other skydivers. You will learn how to exit the plane in different ways, approach and 'dock' on to a formation, turn 'points', and safely track away from other people before deploying your parachute in clear airspace. You will also be given canopy drills to further develop your canopy skills. Similar to the AFF Course, don't be discouraged if you need to repeat any stages, or if you feel they are taking a long time to complete. Your instructors need to be sure you can complete tasks safely before progressing you on to the next stage. Enjoy the ride, listen to your instructors and ask questions if you don't understand! Make sure you check out the Certificate Class B Training Guide - an essential read for anyone preparing to do their B-Rels.

5) Currency

Don't leave it too long between drop zone visits. You will progress and learn much faster if you do not leave long periods of time between each jump. This is the same for skydivers of any experience level. More currency in the sport = faster progression.

Keep jumping, keep learning and keep having fun!

[Photo sources: TBH Media, Lucy Clacher]

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