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Last updated 30 Oct 2023

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With State Championships around the corner, have you got your team together? If not, get involved!

State Championships kick off this weekend, starting in SA, running throughout October and November.

14 - 15 October: SA State Championships @ SA Skydiving

04 - 05 November: WA State Championships @ Hillman Farm Skydiving Club

11 - 12 November: VTPC State Championships (Free Fall) @ Commando Skydivers

11 - 12 November: QLD State Championships @ Ramblers Parachute Centre

11 - 12 November: NSW State Championships @ Newcastle Sports Parachute Club

25 - 26 November: VTPC State Championships (Accuracy) @ Commando Skydivers

Bellas by Michael Young

States are a great opportunity to get involved in a team and competition. But why should you?

We caught up with Kristina Hicks, member of the Australian Female 4-Way AAA Skydiving Team, and 2 x National Champions, "Bellas", to talk about her experience competing and why people should get into competition.

Hi Kristina, first tell us a bit about yourself?

Kristina Hicks

Educator by weekday, mixed in with some tunnel as an Education Coordinator for iFly and skydiving coaching as well. I was a slow starter in the sport but once I got past some challenges, I was all in. At just over 1300 jumps, I am now an AFF instructor, RW & Bigways Coach and Competitor in 4-Way. 

What made you want to get into competition?

I love being able to measure my progress and competing provides that point average to aim for and work towards. Plus, I love the team banter when competing against each other. We all want each other to do well, yet we still want to beat our friends. 

When and why did "Bellas" form?

I was awarded the Lisa Perdichizzi scholarship in 2018, which I used for further study in a Grad Cert in Sports Coaching. As part of giving back, in 2019 I created a blast team of women and this has amazingly continued into the All-Female 4-Way team "Bellas", who have podium finished at Nationals for the last 4 years. The "Bellas" are: Kristina Hicks, Laura Fitzpatrick, Catherine Brown and Dawn Adams, with camera man Michael Young behind the lens.

Bellas by Michael Young

How much do you have to train? Do you do most of your training indoor or outdoor?

We aim to train one weekend a month outdoor with tunnel incorporated into the weekend as well. When we can't train outdoor, we try to schedule 1-2 tunnel training sessions as well. 

Is it expensive? Can you get sponsorship if you are competing?

Skydiving has become more and more expensive. It is a luxury sport with participants ultimately covering their costs. Sponsorship is a true privilege and I have been blessed to have received some support along my journey. 

What is your highlight from competition so far?

Bellas winning by one point in 2020 – the first virtual nationals and it was a very mixed experience for the competition.

Bellas by Michael Young

Who is competition for?

I'm not sure how to answer that...I believe it's for everyone, even those that don't take it too seriously. But I think it comes down to your mindset and what you want to get out of the sport. Some people love competing and some don't, but that's what I love about our sky family - we all have our own focus and goals. Competition is just a strong one of mine. 

And why should people get into competition?

It's a great way to develop friendships in our sky family, not just the acquaintance jumper on the weekend that you wouldn't know anything about other than they skydive. You develop your flying skills to be applied to other disciplines and it makes you a more disciplined flyer. 

What is your advice for people wondering if competition is for them?

Just give it a go, you might find it is more fun than you think. Start at the rookie level in any discipline and find some people you enjoy flying with and can have a laugh with. The Bellas love laughing at some blooper moments in our training jumps!

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your local council, sign up and give it a go!

[Photo Sources: Michael Young, Kristina Hicks]